The incidences of teen sex are on the rise. No longer an escapable event, it is best to equip teens with information about sex so that they view it in the right perspective and not end up being frustrated or duped.

What exactly is sex?

Yes, sex is getting physically intimate with someone but there is an emotional side to it. Until you feel right with the person, don’t get into it. It may be overrated at a young age but it’s only an act without any emotional input. It should never be taken casually, since you lose your virginity only once.

What sex is not

You are wrong if you think:

  • You will get love or commitment by agreeing to sex with your special someone,
  • Test the love and commitment of your partner by demanding sex you can
  • you should have sex to prove that you’re mature or grown up,
  • Sex is fun and a way to enjoy yourself

Sex is none of these.

Are there any risks involved with sex?

Yes. To name a few, there are risks of getting pregnant, catching a sexually transmitted infection (STI) including HIV AIDS, feeling of being let down, exploited or heartbroken.

Can one get pregnant if they have sex immediately after or before periods?

Yes. Though you may use an ovulation kit to ensure whether you are ovulating or not but there is no 100% safe time period. A girl can get pregnant at any time during the month if she has sex without using birth control.

Can a girl get pregnant even if a boy withdraws penis before ejaculation?

Contrary to what people might say, it is highly possible for a girl to get pregnant even if the boy pulls out his penis before ejaculation. This is because even the fluid secreted before ejaculation has sperms which can result in pregnancy.

Things You Should Know

If you choose to indulge in sexual activity, here are some important things you should know:

  • Under the Criminal Law, the age of consent for sex is 18 in India
  • Use of birth control is a must to avoid getting pregnant
  • Have safe sex using condoms to protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as HIV AIDS etc
  • STIs can be transmitted through oral sex
  • Even if you practice safe sex, you may get pregnant or an STI. The risk is always there
  • If your sexual partner is under 18 years of age, intoxicated or threatened, or they ask you to stop during the act, it qualifies as ‘illegal sex’ under the Criminal Law and you can be charged with rape

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