The truth is that beauty sleep is not just for women but it is for everyone and beauty sleep is just an 8 hours sleep paired with healthy sleep habits. People — especially women called it beauty sleep because it is a practice they do whenever there is an approaching occasion. Fact, beauty sleep should be applied to our daily night routine not just a preparation for any approaching occasion. In fact, once you stop practising a beauty sleep or sticking on your bedtime, you might experience chronic migraines and fatigue as a negative result for inconsistent sleeping hours every night. Our body gets shocked by the different times we fall asleep which leads us to wake up feeling weak and tired.

Sleep alone won’t be able to do the work of repairing our skin, of course a comfy bedding can be a good start for a comfortable sleeping. Thus, it is important to be very keen when it comes to choosing the right bed accessories. You need to know the basic, such as identifying what are the dimension of a full-size bed or what are the right rugs you need to get and where to place them. Aside from what has been said above, there are still countless of truths that you need to be aware of about how a regular sleep can lead to a healthy and glowing skin, all you need to do is to scroll down and keep on reading.

How Sleep Can Lead To Healthy Body & Skin

These are the seven amazing truth about how sleep can lead us to have a healthy body glowing skin-

1. Your body is recharging

Do you feel like jumping into bed right after hectic hours at work? That’s a sign that your body is telling you to recharge. There’s no magic how your body recharge while you’re sleeping. Your body is simply working while you’re dreaming. Your body might be buying fixing your damaged tissues and muscles but it is the way your body recharge. By the time you close your eyes, your body won’t start to work, but your brain will send the first wave, which will have caused your eyes movement to get fast. You will be half awake and half asleep by this time and this is the first stage of sleep. Finding a good Dunlop latex mattress can help you sleep faster.

By the second stage of sleep, this is where you will enter the dream state, and your immune system will start to release proteins that will rebuild your consumed blocks of cells and tissues. By the third and fourth stages of sleep, our eyes will move in unusual speed though we won’t even notice it because we are already full asleep by that time. This is also the time where our brains will start to produce more ATP and energy that we will need for the next day we wake up.

2. Your skin is working to produce collagen

Our skin can create different types of hormones with the support of our brain that most beauty product has. However, our skin will take time to create those hormones such as collagen. Hence, it is important to complete the required sleeping hours to allow your skin to enhance the collagen that your body produces. You’re probably thinking that our body and skin can produce and enhance collagen but no, it doesn’t. This is because our body is working on encoding all of the information that we are doing on our mind and our skin is fighting against sunlight and UV rays.

Thus, no matter how much collagen you’ll apply before you leave your house, our skin won’t be able to sort it out. In fact, applying any skin products into your skin during day time won’t do anything unless you’ll apply it before your bedtime. This is because our skin is more open to receiving any skin product we apply and use it as a support on enhancing collagen.

3. Your cortisol level drops

You’re probably wondering what is cortisol? It is a hormone that produced by your brain making you to react to a certain situation that threatens you. However, when we are overthinking and beat up by our hectic work schedule cortisol level rises up, which is a bad thing. Once our cortisol level is 50% and above, that’s the time when anxiety and depression kicks in. Hence, when you go to sleep earlier than 10PM and wake up at 6AM, your cortisol level drops and you’ll be able to manage it.

All hormones that our body has an important purpose but once we start to skip sleeping, that can imbalance everything. Thus, sleeping for 8 hours or an hour more will help you balance your cortisol level. In addition, sleep disruption can also cause your cortisol to rise up, because once you are disrupted by some uncomfortable feeling from your mattress or some noises around your bedroom, you won’t be able to sleep again like how you first slept again and this can also stagnate the whole repairing and rebuilding process that your mind and body are doing. Thus, it is necessary to invest time and money on getting the perfect and comfy memory foam mattress to have an unceasing sleep and to avoid any interruption on your cortisol management process.

4. You stress level drops

Aside from cortisol, our stress level will also drop whenever we are fast asleep. Just like cortisol hormone, stress has a purpose too, that’s why we can never get rid of it. Stress is the element that pushes us to work whenever there’s a deadline approaching and there are two different types of stress. The first one is good stress that can help you do the things you need to do in time. However, the second type of stress is not a good thing because when our stress level rises up, it will cause insomnia and anxiety.

Thus, experts will always advise people who are suffering from too much stress to get enough sleep to manage your stress level. It is also important to manage our stress level to avoid getting insomnia and anxiety that might lead you to have minor depression.

5. Your body creates a melatonin hormone

We all heard that nowadays, we can just buy and take a melatonin supplement, but some people don’t know that our body can also produce melatonin. Yes, it does but just like any other hormones, our body can only produce melatonin by our pineal gland during our sleeping hours. Melatonin has different purposes, its first purpose is to fight insomnia and to regulate our normal sleep cycle. Melatonin can also manage our immune system and regulate our blood pressure. It helps maintain and control our cortisol and stress level since it reacts as an antioxidant in our immune system.

Melatonin is also responsible for fighting depression and it can enhance your eyesight. It is also an antioxidant that helps our body produce collagen that can keep our skin glowing throughout the day. Most experts called melatonin as a sleep hormone because its forte is to help us sleep deeper. Every time we sleep at night on the exact and proper bedtime, our body creates more melatonin to keep us fast asleep every night.

6. Sleep strengthen our immune system

Yes, it does. Sleep is a huge factor that can keep us healthy physically and it is the source of energy of our brain. A person who is suffering from sleep deprivation can be prone to different illnesses such as flu, heart disease, stroke and brain damage. Aside from that, he or she will also forget some of the day’s information because her or his mind won’t be able to encode and analyze all of this information.

Thus, getting enough sleep will prevent us from any of those illnesses and diseases mentioned above. This is because while we are fast asleep our mind sends a wave to our immune system to produce an anti-inflammatory protein and cytokinesis. These two help our body to fight against the possible disease that we might get from everyday struggles. Thus, sleep is an effective way to strengthen our immune system and it should be done every night on a proper bedtime.

7. Your brain categorizes and analyzes all of the days’ information

Sleeping hours are the best time for our brain to work on encoding all of the days’ information. After encoding that information, our brain will start to categorize all of it and analyze this information word by word. This kind of process is the reason why we remember everything we did the day before tomorrow, this is also the reason why we learn things because familiarization is part of the whole process.

Thus, when you are trying to study for an upcoming exam, or you’re going to present a monthly report for your company’s meeting the day after tomorrow, it is necessary to study or learn all of the things you need to remember 4 hours before your bedtime to give your brain enough time to encode all of that information.

The Final Words

So you see, these are the seven amazing truth about how sleep can give us a healthy and glowing skin that we need to be aware of. Through these information, we will be able to improve our health physically and mentally. In addition, it is also important to provide yourself with a comfortable bed accessories such as a mattress that has enough space for you to sleep on, comfy pile of pillows to avoid waking up with a fatigue and headache, and some bohemian style rugs that you can place around your bed to silent any footsteps.

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