Flashing a million dollar smile is a factor that turns events and happenings into epic memories. Thanks to a world full of smartphones, we have now entered into a world of selfies and smiling memories shared across various social networks.

Can people look as gorgeous as their favorite film or television or sports stars, even when they smile? Well, given the fact that cosmetic dentists promise smile enhancement procedures undertaken by different celebrities, the possibility of you donning the smile of David Beckham or Tom Cruise seems close to likely. Yes, cosmetic dentistry has helped many celebrities redefine their personalities by smile enhancement procedures that include a combination of orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry.

Many celebrities have also undergone maxillary surgeries to keep their smile and face cuts evergreen. Here is a quick look at prominent Hollywood celebrities who have gone under the knife to better their smiles.

Not everybody is born perfect. Many stars who tasted success owing to their acting abilities have bettered their looks by bringing in better smiles and face cuts. if you want to go for Professional portrait retouching services visit here

The following names are amongst those high on popularity even today:

Catherine Zeta Jones: One of the best examples of smile enhancement treatments, Catherine has successfully changed the shape of her entire face using this approach. She has gotten rid of gaps in between her teeth and created a specific jaw line to define a face that was earlier a more cute combination of innocence and baby fat. Her matured look and bright smile today comes from the dexterity and expertise of her dentists.
Tom Cruise: This Mission Impossible star gained prominence with irregular alignment of front teeth with a front incisor missing altogether. His smile was defective and he had an overbite that showed in his non-smiling photographs. Cruise went for smile enhancement treatment that got him rid of the gaps between teeth, the irregular alignment and the overbite. Restoration of an artificial incisor has still not made a perfect alignment in his teeth. Today, Tom Cruise wears an ageless look with his bright even smile and textured jaw line.
David Beckham: This football star had a prominent smile with a cute appeal. While David Beckham has not gone for restorative treatment at all, his smile is brighter these days owing to teeth whitening procedures that enabled him to get rid of the yellowness in his teeth. This is seen greatly as he holds his original smile more confidently today.
George Clooney: The Ocean Eleven star is known for an aristocratic smile. His teeth however took a worn out and aged look owing to deep shades of yellow in them. Using smile enhancement treatment, Clooney added completeness to his smile by using veneers and crowns that improved the length of his upper and lower teeth.

Thus, different celebrities have used different restorative smile enhancement procedures to improve their looks. While invasive restorative procedures are difficult to afford, less expensive modes of correction like use of veneers and crowns is affordable by many.

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