Congratulations soon-to-be-mommies! How it feels to carry a tiny new life inside you all the time?

Great….cute….awful….nauseous….responsible…. weird…..mature….big – these are few things that we get to hear from pregnant women.

We are sure pregnancy is a unique time for each one of you but that blessed feeling of creating a new life as an outcome of your treasured relationship with your husband. It is natural that you began to build a bond with your yet-to-be-born baby but in the process most of you start overlooking your husband. Today, the centre of your world has shifted to your baby leaving the hubby a bit isolated from you.

We all know men have needs – physical, emotional and psychological which have to be met. It is a myth that sex during pregnancy is harmful for the baby or you.

It is a scientifically proven fact that in pregnancy it is completely safe to have sex until delivery stage. It will in no way harm your baby who is lying protected in the mother’s womb, cushioned with amniotic fluid which acts as a barrier between uterus and vagina.

However, there are certain ways in which your sex life will change and you need to be aware of these new realities to make adjustments.

  1. During pregnancy, you will undergo lot of changes at both physical and psychological levels. Your growing body, morning sickness and hormonal changes can make you susceptible to mood swings and emotional tantrums. Be patient and accept them to be part of the journey towards life’s biggest gift.
  2. Though you may feel depressed thinking you are not looking attractive anymore but it may be the reverse feeling for your husband who will view as a bearer of his manhood and will be attracted to your new found femininity. Many men rejoice in the fact that their wives are carrying a smaller version of them in their wombs.
  3. You became a wife before you became a mother so don’t neglect the emotional needs of your husband. You may not be game for it but you can still spend some good quality time together holding hands, going for a drive or eating meals together.
  4. Research says that for some women sex drive increases during pregnancy and for others it goes down the drain with that never-ending vomit and pee. In either case, there will be days when you want to snuggle a moment with your partner. Don’t deprive yourself of those by holding on to some stupid myth. If you are worried that missionary position may be uncomfortable considering your big belly, then try other sex positions like rear-entry, side-by-side or you-on-top. You may surprise your partner!
  5. Sex may feel different to pregnant women in the sense you may experience abdominal cramping, sore nipples, increased vaginal discharge or a feeling of fullness after sex. All these are perfectly normal considering the hormonal changes in your body.

Only in situations when there is an unexplained vaginal bleeding, history of premature labour, leakage of amniotic fluid and any other medical conditions will doctors advise you to avoid sex during pregnancy.

Otherwise, you can be assured that sex will not hurt the baby. It is best to talk to your gynaecologist. So on your next prenatal visit, bring up the subject to seek guidance.

Image Source: health.india

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