Drinking alcohol nowadays has become a primary way to socialize with family, friends, and even at work. People drink but don’t know about its after effects, just like diarrhea after drinking alcohol which can be a big problem for many of us have experienced in our past years. According to a study, nearly 70% of Indians start drinking at the age of 18 and get prone to diarrhea. In such a modern era, drinking has become a part of our lifestyles. Many people experience diarrhea as an aftereffect of alcohol. Furthermore, this blog helps you with tips on “how to stop diarrhea after drinking alcohol.”

What causes diarrhea after drinking alcohol?

how to stop diarrhea after drinking alcohol

The metabolism of alcohol in your body depends on the presence of food inside the stomach. 

  • Alcohol in the stomach slowly gets absorbed in the tissues and moves to the bloodstream. Most of its absorption happens in the stomach.
  • If the food is present in the stomach, then the absorption of the alcohol becomes slower. It decreases the rate of digestion of the alcohol and alcohol present in the body for a long time. As alcohol stays in the body for a long time, it leads to dehydration which further becomes a cause of diarrhea.
  • The rate of absorption of the alcohol becomes faster when you take it empty stomach. It is why alcohol hits faster in the case of an empty stomach.
  • When most of the alcohol is absorbed, the rest is excreted from your body through the stools and urine. Your: muscles move in a coordinated squeeze to push the stool out.

Alcohol retards water absorption and speeds up the squeezing moment of colon muscles, due to which the remaining alcohol gets excreted faster. Alcohol can also cause gastric intestinal distress, which occurs when the acidic content in your stomach increases and leads to acidity problems.

What are the common signs and symptoms of diarrhea?

These signs and symptoms can help you identify diarrhea after alcohol distress. Some of the signs and changes after drinking alcohol are listed below —

  • Inflammation —  The gastric tract becomes inflammatory when it comes to contact with alcohol and leads to an acidity problem as it increases the acid production in the stomach. This inflammation furthermore leads to diarrhea.
  • Bacterial imbalance — Many types of bacteria are present in our stomach, which are required to maintain the body’s gut flora and digestive process. Alcohol temporarily kills these bacterias, which cause poor gut environment and digestion.
  • Abdominal cramps or painWhen the colon squeezes the muscles for the excretion of water and alcohol, that will lead to abdominal pain & cramps.
  • BloatingIn diarrhea, an individual can feel a bloating pressure in the stomach. Especially after drinking alcohol, it starts fermenting in the stomach and causes bloating.
  • Dehydration Dehydration is one of the basic signs of diarrhea. Alcohol acts as a diuretic, which increases the elimination of water from the body, which causes dehydration and leads to diarrhea.

How to stop diarrhea after drinking alcohol?

You can follow various methods to reduce or stop your diarrhea after drinking, such as drinking enough clear liquids, avoiding high-fat and high-fiber meals, and avoiding coffee. Following are a few tips to stop diarrhea after drinking alcohol – 

  • HydrationKeeping hydrated is one of the best measures to prevent diarrhea after drinking alcohol . You can Aim to drink a glass of water each time you have an alcoholic drink. It would help if you took many measures when drinking alcohol to avoid diarrhea and stay healthy. You can also try electrolyte replacement therapy in which you drink electrolyte beverages such as electoral powder energies. It will replace the Lost electrolytes in the body, which helps to maintain the gut flora.
  • Avoid caffeineCaffeine acts as a natural diuretic that increases the water excretion from the body. Avoiding caffeine-containing beverages can help you to eliminate diarrhea after drinking alcohol.
  • ProbioticsProbiotics are supplement pills that can help you to replace the bacterias which are killed due to alcohol. It will introduce the bacteria into the gut and maintain the basic digestive process of the body.

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  • Drinking within limitsAs we know, everything will harm your body. Drinking within your limits is kind to your liver; every time access drinking will cause extreme water loss from the body or diarrhea.
  • Keep healthy snacks with drinkingEating junk snacks during drinking is also a cause of gastric intestinal distress, which causes acidity problems in the stomach. Eating healthy snacks can be very helpful to stop diarrhea after drinking alcohol.

Is there any home treatment for diarrhea after alcohol? 

how to stop diarrhea after drinking alcohol

  • You first need to cut down on alcohol if you experience diarrhea or bloating like science at the time or after drinking. 
  • Just stop drinking until your gut and digestive process return to normal. If you keep drinking, it will cause an extreme case of diarrhea.
  • It is the only home treatment that can prevent diarrhea.

What to eat in case of diarrhea?

It would help if you focused on easily digestible foods or drinks that are light to feel and calm your stomach examples include — 

  • Bananas
  • ORS
  • Rice
  • Sodas
  • eggs

You should Drink a lot of fluid or water to help you with rehydration therapy. You can take water, juices, and beverages that are not caffeine. 

What food to avoid in case of diarrhea?

First of all, don’t drink beverages that contain caffeine. Avoid eating spicy food that will cause an acidity problem and worsen diarrhea.

Avoid eating the following —

  • High-fat food such as cheese, butter, etc
  • Dairy products such as milk, butter, ice cream, etc
  • High fiber food such as whole grain wheat or cereals
  • Spicy food

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Who is more prone to diarrhea?

People with an irregular sleep cycle and Those who work the night shift and cannot get a night’s sleep are more prone to diarrhea after drinking than others. People having problems like bowel and Crohn’s disease are more prone as they have a bacterial imbalance in the body.

Alcoholism persons — as such, people increase themselves more into drinking without keeping in mind their health and get more prone to diarrhea. 

Does drinking too much alcohol cause any long-term problems?

Drinking too much overtime can cause serious problems ranging from a worse gut environment to severe cancer. It includes cancer of the liver, colon, esophagus, and digestive problems. Drinking alcohol for a long time may lead to retarded bile juice production, affecting digestion.

Long-term drinking can also lead to high blood pressure, depression, dementia, heart stroke, and many other problems. It will bring not only physical problems but also mental and social problems into your life. Long-term drinking can cause the formation of tumors.

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Conclusion –

Diarrhea is one of the severe side effects of drinking alcohol. It frequently depends on how much you drink and consume and how your digestive system reacts overall. If you drink within your limits, there is no problem, but beyond the limit, everything is harmful. This problem of diarrhea after drinking alcohol is caused by the metabolism process of alcohol inside the body. It would be best to take many measures when drinking alcohol to avoid diarrhea problems after drinking.

You should also consult a doctor if this problem lasts two, three, or four days. It would help if you first reminded yourself of hydration when drinking alcohol to replace the water excretes with alcohol. Remember that staying hydrated is the key to avoiding diarrhea while drinking alcohol.