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5 Superfoods that Fight Cancer

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  1. #1. Broccoli
    1. #2. Berries

Most of us know or have heard of how aggressive cancer treatment can be. From oncologist consultations to complicated surgeries to painful chemotherapy and extremely strong medicines – anybody who has ever had cancer or seen a loved one go through it, will tell you that it is no less than a nightmare that refuses to end. So what is the alternative? Some turn to alternative therapies like herbal medicines etc, that have no proven benefits, but is it wise to depend on such outdated methods when it comes to something as serious as Cancer? While deciding the course of treatment when diagnosed with cancer is extremely complicated, staying healthy to avoid the disease completely is not. Here are 5 Superfoods to fight cancer, that you should be eating everyday:

#1. Broccoli

Broccoli contains two powerful substances known as Sulforaphane and isothiocyanate that can protect you against breast and prostate cancers, according to studies. Out of all cruciferous vegetables, all of which are considered all-stars in protecting the body against certain types of cancer, Broccoli is believed to be most effective. The strong smell in the plant also indicates the presence of sulfur, which is considered very effective in preventing cancer.

#2. Berries

High in anti-oxidants and vitamins, berries (strawberries, blueberries and raspberries) are very useful to fight cancer away. Studies reveal that people who consume foods with a phytonutrient known as ellagic acid,  have lesser chances of developing cancer. Another study states that being high in anti-oxidants, they contain apoptosis, which identifies and kills cancer cells unlike radiation and chemotherapy that cannot identify these harmful cells.

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#3. Tomatoes

While most superfoods that fight cancer loose their nutritional properties after cooking, most oncologists believe that consuming cooked tomatoes can be highly beneficial. High in an antioxidant called lycopene, tomatoes are  successful in preventing certain types of cancers. While excessive intake of tomatoes is not ideal for those with existing kidney diseases, consuming the fruit in healthy potions is excellent for health.

#4. Carrots

Rich in an antioxidant group called carotenoids, Carrots are very successful in preventing cancer by fighting free radicals. They also promote good eye sight (Read: Superfoods for Healthy Eyes) and beautiful skin. Presence of Beta-Carotene, that is converted into the most usable form of Vitamin A by our bodies.

#5. Garlic

Known as the most powerful spice in preventing almost all types of cancer. Like berries, garlic also produces apoptosis that not only stop the growth of cancer cells but also kill existing cancer cells. WHO has advised daily intake of at least one clove of garlic due to its amazing properties to fight cancer. The same sulfur that is responsible for garlic’s pungent smell is also the reason behind the adverse effect it has on growth of tumors along with inhibiting carcinogens.

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