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26th week of pregnancy, baby weight in 26th week of pregnancy, baby movements in 26th week of pregnancy

26th Week of Pregnancy: You Are Not Alone

Congratulations! It’s 26th week of pregnancy. The last week of the second trimester. Feels great, right? Of course, you have completed the most difficult time of pregnancy. The baby’s movement …

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22nd week of pregnancy, body changes in the 22nd week of pregnancy

22nd Week Of Pregnancy: Meet Papaya Size Baby

Have you stepped into the 22nd Week of Pregnancy? Yes? Wonderful! The baby will start to weight more than the placenta. You will experience different body changes in the 22nd week of …

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21st week of pregnancy, 21st week pregnancy

21st Week Of Pregnancy: Half of The Journey is Covered

Congratulations! You are halfway there. Your baby has completed 20 weeks and stepped into the 21st week of pregnancy. This means it’s your 5th month of pregnancy. Isn’t it marvellous? Let …

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