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national pollution prevention day

National Pollution Prevention Day

Besides the political crisis in states, national economic slowdown and increasing incidence of violence against women, India (and the world) is being torn down by climate change. That is a …

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Air pollution effects on pregnancy

#LadiesAndBabies: Air Pollution and Pregnancy: Risks & Precautions

It is the winter season and love is in the air. Wait, no, particulate matter is in the air! We have succeeded in damaging our air quality to ‘severe’ from …

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air pollution

How to Keep Safe in This Deadly Smog

Since a day after Diwali, the country is suffocating under a thick layer of smog. It’s been nearly two weeks since Diwali, and Delhi is still suffocating under a thick, …

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pollution from firecrackers

Explained: The Pay-Off of Firecrackers on Air Pollution

The sight of Delhi, post-Diwali, almost looks like an unfancy masquerade party – individuals with masks on and thick layers of smoke covering the atmosphere. Except the masks are for …

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air pollution on mental health

Air pollution Can Lead to Bipolar Disorder And Depression, Study Says

Have you ever had a bad day and wondered “What could be worse than this?”. And then something worse happens. Well, a similar scenario has occurred in our lives.We all …

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dussehra pollution

#FreedomFrom Pollution Caused By Dussehra

India is a country where many festivals are celebrated. But do you have any idea how harmful it is to celebrate festivals like Dussehra and Diwali, especially for our environment? …

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Causes of air Pollution, effect of air pollution

Know The Causes of Air Pollution And Protect Your Lungs – Respiratory Health

Air Pollution has been a major problem in most of the developing and developed countries. The problem has intensified with the increase in population and advancement in the world. The …

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air pollution

Falling Sick? It’s Not Changing Weather, It’s Pollution!

The last few years have seen a drastic change in the environment. Every day new advances are being made in science that on one hand are providing us new technology …

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air pollution in workplace

Understanding Air Pollution At Workplace

With changing lifestyles and having to spend maximum time indoors, keeping the air quality good indoors is an important issue, these days. With air pollution on the rise due to …

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