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can a person with tattoo donate blood

Can A Person With Tattoo Donate Blood?

Everybody is encouraged to donate blood after they come of age. We even have an article about the benefits of blood donation on our blog. If you have ever donated …

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dark chocolate

Heart Healthy Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is a relishing and the ultimate comfort food. The good news for consumers is that there are a number of benefits of dark chocolate. It acts as a mood- …

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Superfoods for Blood Sugar

6 Superfoods to Control Blood Sugar

Hey, is your blood sugar level high? Cause I think you’re really sweet. Well apart from such cheesy pick up lines, high blood sugar brings with it a host of …

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Self Monitoring of Blood Glucose (SMBG) FAQs

What is Self-monitoring of Blood Glucose? Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose is the monitoring of blood sugar level by the patient himself at multiple times during the day or during the …

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donate blood

Are you eligible to donate blood?

Every one should believe in donating blood at-least once a year. Building a habit in your family to regularly give blood is a beautiful act. Donate blood, save lives. Who …

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Blood in stool? It can be Gut Cancer

What is blood in Stool? Blood in stools can signify a problem in the digestive tract.  The causes could vary from Colorectal Cancer or can be as simple as E.coli …

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