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pacemaker implantation - restrictions after pacemaker

Lifestyle Restrictions after Pacemaker Implantation

A heartbeat is nothing but an accumulation of various muscle movements. The heartbeat and subsequent pumping of blood are fired up by electrical impulses. The heart’s natural pacemaker gives the …

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pacemaker implantation

Are Diabetes and Heart Disease Related?

While relating diabetes and heart disease, a renowned Cardiologist in Gurgaon says People with diabetes often develop heart diseases termed as ‘diabetic heart disease’ (DHD). As compared to non diabetics, people …

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Prevention of Heart Failure

5 Steps to Prevent Heart Failure

It is no secret that cardiac disorders are the biggest killers in India. You may have good genes but an unhealthy lifestyle could ruin you, or you may eat well …

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atrial septal defect

The Ugly Truth about Atrial Septal Defect

Atrial Septal Defect (ASD), commonly known as Hole in Heart, is a congenital disorder of the heart that involves a hole in the wall (septum) that divides the two upper …

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Pacemaker Implantation, Recovery & Misconceptions

Pacemaker Implantation, Recovery & Misconceptions

What is a Pacemaker? What is Pacemaker Implantation or Pacemaker Surgery? Pacemaker is a small instrument, its size being no bigger than a 5 rupee coin. The instrument transmits electrical …

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Signs Blood Sugar is Out of Control

Questions to ask if Blood Sugar is Out of Control

Why blood sugar level gets out of control? Diabetes is a state in which sugar content in the blood rises above the desired level. This condition prevails when pancreas fails …

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indian diet after angioplasty

Indian Diet after Angioplasty: What to Eat and What to Avoid

A well-maintained diet after angioplasty plays a crucial role in the process of recovery after an angioplasty procedure. When a person experiences coronary artery disease, the arteries or the corridors …

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Heart Surgery

Heart Surgery in Diabetics – Impact and Management

Diabetes and heart diseases have a strong connection. Statistics show that adults are more likely to develop heart diseases if they have diabetes; knowing that the American Heart Surgery Association …

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Open Heart Surgery

Post Open Heart Surgery Concerns

Bypass or Open Heart Surgery is one of the major operations that are generally performed in the human body. The heart’s muscles, arteries, valves, and aorta are operated on by …

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Chest Pain - Heart Attack Or Something Else?

Chest Pain – Heart Attack Or Something Else?

That dull, burning sensation in the chest that doesn’t seem to be going away, or is getting worse – is it a sign of a heart attack? Or is it …

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Aortic Stenosis

Diabetes with Aortic Stenosis – A deadly Combination

The number of heart-related ailments has increased over the years. Aortic Stenosis is one of the ailments which is becoming common these days. During this condition, there is a contraction …

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Gastric Cancer

Positive Changes in Life After Coronary Angioplasty

Coronary Angioplasty, also called Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI), is a non-surgical procedure to widen the blocked arteries caused by coronary artery disease. This procedure restores the flow of blood through the …

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Habits Bad for Heart

Heart Attack, Angina, Stroke: Warning Signs

Spotting the first signs of angina, heart attack or stroke can save a patient’s life. The sooner a patient reaches an emergency room for treatment, greater are the chances of …

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CT Angiography: Screening for Heart Disease

CT Angiography: Screening for Heart Disease

What is CT angiography? A computed tomography (CT) angiogram is an imaging test to view arteries that supply blood to your heart muscles. CT angiography differs from traditional coronary angiogram as …

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Cardiac Arrhythmia

Everything you need to know about Cardiac Arrhythmia

What is Cardiac Arrhythmia and what triggers the condition? Cardiac Arrhythmia stands for a cardiac ailment that leads to an irregular heartbeat. It occurs when the electrical signals that control …

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Answers to FAQs about Coronary Angioplasty

Angioplasty is a Greek term that means vessel shaping. The procedure involves widening of clogged arteries (especially coronary arteries– the arteries surrounding the artery like a crown). A tiny balloon …

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Understanding the Heart’s Function

The Heart: Anatomy  The heart is a muscle that pumps blood continuously to the rest of the body. It lies towards the front and middle of the chest, slightly to …

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Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) Surgery

Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) Surgery – Things to Know

Research by the American Heart Association has revealed that Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG Surgery) is one of the most frequently conducted major open-heart surgeries. What is CABG Surgery? It …

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Preventive Health Check up

Preventive Heart Check Up Methods For a Healthy Heart

Heart Check Up – Keeping a healthy heart and preventing coronary artery disease or cardiovascular disease requires managing the risk factors that cause the disorder. Risk factors for heart disease …

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Heart Attack Preventions | how to prevent heart attack

How to Prevent Heart Attack? – 10 Heart Attack Preventions

Heart Attack Preventions – When you are at a risk of heart attack, you can make several lifestyle changes that will help you to reduce the likelihood of contracting heart …

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