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diabetes tests diagnosis

Learn about Diabetes Tests and Diagnosis

Today’s generation is not as healthy as their ancestors. Whatever you do to your health today will fetch results in future, being it positive or negative. If you do not …

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vitamin d rich foods India

Vitamin D Rich Foods For Immunity, Nutrition and Bone Health

For a country that gets abundant sunlight for most parts of the year, it’s strange to find a significant part of our population being diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency. It’s …

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fatigue meaning in telugu -fatigue in telugu

Fatigue Meaning in Telugu – తెలుగులో ఫెటీగ్ అర్ధం

బలహీనత వీటిలో తర్వాత అలసట యొక్క అనుభవము (fatigue meaning in telugu), మరియు క్రమంగా పరిచయం. బలహీనత విరుద్ధంగా, (fatigue in telugu) తర్వాత మిగిలిన కాలం తర్వాత తగ్గించవచ్చు సరైన శారీరక పనితీరు నిర్వహించడానికి కండరాలు భౌతిక లేదా …

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Tattoo Removal - is tattoo removal safe

Health Implications Of Tattoo Removal: Is It Safe?

In today’s world, a majority of the population have at least one tattoo on their body. Tattoos seem like a very good idea for people of a certain age. They …

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fatigue meaning in telugu -fatigue in telugu

சோர்வு மற்றும்சோ ர்வு காரணமாக – Fatigue Meaning in Tamil

சோர்வு ஒரு உள்ளுணர்வு (Fatigue Meaning in Tamil) அனுபவம்  பலவீனம் ஆகியவை உள்ளடங்கும் பின்னர், மற்றும் படிப்படியாக அறிமுகம் ஆகும். பலவீனம் மாறாக, (Meaning of Fatigue in Tamil) பிறகு ஓய்வெடுப்பதற்கு காலத்திற்கு பிறகு குறைக்க முடியும் உகந்த உடல் …

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World Sight Day

October 12: World Sight Day 2017

World Sight Day is a special day of awareness celebrated annually on the second Thursday of October. This year it is being celebrated on 12th October 2017 with the aim …

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October 11: World Obesity Day 2017

The World Obesity Day is celebrated on 11th October every year. It is organised by the World Obesity Federation, a non-profit body which is in official relations with the WHO. The day …

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how to prevent heart attack

How to Prevent Heart Attack?

When you are at a risk of heart attack, you can make several lifestyle changes that will help you to reduce the likelihood of contracting heart ailments in general. These …

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heart attack causes

Causes of Heart Attack and Risk Factor

‘What you eat is what you are and how you live is how you shape’. This holds true for the heart that beats life into human beings. Having said that, …

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cabg recovery, recovery after cabg, cabg recovery exercises

Recovery after Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG) and Exercises

Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG), commonly known as Heart Bypass Surgery, is a procedure to correct narrowing or blockage of the arteries that provide oxygen and blood to the muscles …

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colon cancer causes

Colon Cancer Causes and Symptoms

Colon cancer causes and forms when the uncontrolled cell growth happens in the cells of the large intestine which results in colon cancer causes. It is not necessarily the same …

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Top 20 Exercises You Can Do At Workplace

In today’s world work implies doing your job, sitting in front of your desktop or a laptop for hours at stretch with zero physical activity. It has been found that …

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tinnitus treatment & treatment meaning & tinnitus causes

Understanding Tinnitus ( Ringing in the Ear ) – Causes & Treatment

Tinnitus is the sensation of a ringing noise in the ear. People experience a sort of a whistling or buzzing sound in their ear although there is no external source …

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Dry Eye

Symptoms, Causes and Treatment of Dry eye

Dry Eye syndrome is a condition in which the eyes are unable to maintain the normal layer of tears. According to ophthalmologists, this is due to the lack of production …

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effects of drinking

Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse

Ethyl Alcohol or Ethanol is the intoxicating ingredient in wine, beer, and liquor which affects the human body adversely. Excessive alcohol consumption causes deformation of the brain, Headache, Nausea, Vomiting, impaired …

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Kidney Transplant

Kidney Transplant: Complications

Kidney transplant is like any other surgery and involves major risk factors like blood clotting, bleeding, infection, failure of the donated kidney, and rejection of the donated kidney. However, there …

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Diet Drinks

Relation Between Type 2 Diabetes and Diet Drinks

We have heard this before and we will hear it again: Diet Drinks raise the risk for type 2 diabetes but for people already living with type 2 diabetes prefer these …

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Child birth after 40

Child Birth After 40?

The number of women who have shifted their child birth cycle from the early thirties to early forties has been exponential is the past few years. Most of this can …

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Pre-Conception Checklist for Women

Pre-Conception Checklist for Women

If you have been considering child birth for long, you need to have the right physical, medical and emotional framework in place to increase your chances of having a healthy …

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Aged Male – Benign Prostate Hyperplasia – Englarged Prostate

Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH) – Things You Should Know

Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH), also known as Prostate Enlargement is the most common cause of lower urinary tract problems in ageing male. Men in their 50s hardly experience any symptoms …

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