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crohn's disease

Crohn’s Disease – A painful Condition

Are you experiencing frequent bowels, diarrhea, fatigue, or blood in the stools? There could be possibilities that these are early signals of what might be a case of inflammatory bowel …

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College student health

Top 5 Health Issues Among College Students

A stable tendency of the last decade is the deterioration of the health of the population of different age groups, especially young people. Of particular concern is the negative dynamics …

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hand washing Day

Method To Correctly Wash Hands: Reducing The Risk Of Infection

Global Handwashing Day was introduced to reduce child mortality rates around the world, it is celebrated as Global Handwashing Day to increase awareness about the importance of washing hands. Global …

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Difference Between Disease And Disorder

Do You Know The Difference Between Disease And Disorder?

Often in the blogging community of medication & health, the terms “disease” and “disorder” are thrown around interchangeably. This happens because there hasn’t been much discussion on the difference between …

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