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viral fever symptoms

Viral Fever Symptoms, Treatment & Causes

A fever is an illness in which the body temperature is elevated above the normal 37℃. If you have elevated body temperatures then you should definitely take a look at …

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Does NyQuil Make You Sleepy

Does NyQuil Make You Sleepy?

Nyquil is one of the best treatments for nighttime cold and flu symptoms. It helps to ease fever, stuffy nose, and cough. But likewise other cold & cough tablets, “Does …

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ligma disease

What is Ligma Disease: A Cause for Concern

Are you familiar with the term “Ligma?” No, it’s not a misspelling of the word “Ligma” (with an “a”). It’s an actual disease, and it’s been in the news lately. …

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Acute Encephalitis Syndrome

Acute Encephalitis Syndrome Death Toll Rise, 31 Minors Die in Bihar This Month

Nearly 31 children have succumbed to death due to Acute Encephalitis Syndrome(AES) in Muzaffarpur district of Bihar. These figures are for the month of June so far. A total of …

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Deadly Malaria: Treatment & Complications

Malaria is an infection caused by a parasite known as Plasmodium that is carried in mosquitos and transmitted to and between humans through the bite of an infected mosquito. Once …

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Measles Symptoms, Measles Meaning, Measles Rubella Vaccination

All You Need To Know About Measles Symptoms (Rubeola) – Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment

Measles symptoms – also known as Rubeola is a viral infections affecting the respiratory system. Measles is endemic in nature i.e. the infection is contagiously present in a community and …

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common cold

Common Cold Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Welcome summers – the season of the sun and Ice cream. You would want to eat your favorite ice cream under the cool of the air conditioner. Sounds nice, doesn’t …

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