Tuesday , February 18 2020
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oral health and general health

Exploring The Association Between Oral and General Health

You may have heard it often that dental and overall human health are interconnected and wondered how it is possible. Well, as you know, if your mouth is healthy, you …

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Summer Skin Care Tips, Summer Health Tips

Be ready With These Summer Skin Care Tips & Health Tips

“Healthy skin and a healthy you is a reflection of overall wellness”, is a true saying. When summers are here you cannot think of anything else, but taking care of …

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how to get rid of hiccups - how to stop hiccups

What Are Hiccups & How To Get Rid Of Hiccups

Have you ever wondered why you get hiccups? Why won’t it stop even after you hiccupped for like 100th time? You might have searched many times on Google about how …

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