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healthcare trend in 2020

Smartphones and Wearables Driving Latest Health Trends in 2020

Constant technological innovations have now enabled us to monitor our daily activity, heart rate and sugar levels among other vital parameters in real-time. Thanks to smartphone health applications and wearables …

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Health Insurance

The List of Services for the Mandatory Medical Insurance Policy for 2020

The compulsory medical insurance policy entitles its owners to receive several medical services in the country and abroad for free. Every year, the list of procedures and the requirements of …

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stay Healthy

10 Essential Tips To Stay Healthy While Studying

Students tend to focus so much on their academic performance that they forget to take care of their health. Many do not understand that health and academic performance go hand …

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Folding Exercise bikes

Folding Exercise Bikes – What Should You Expect From It?

For long the exercise bikes have become a necessary household item because of the rise in health awareness among people and their desire to exercise daily. Since doing workouts on …

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7 Signs of Anemia during Pregnancy

7 Signs of Anemia During Pregnancy

Ladies, feeling sluggish? In case you’re drained to the point that you frequently experience difficulty tending to your routine life, anemia might be to blame. And if you’re pregnant, anemia …

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Neem: The Age-Old Skin Remedy

Look at any natural Indian skincare brand and neem will be a major ingredient. A traditional remedy in Ayurvedic practices, neem has long been considered sacred and a symbol of …

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Kratom types

Everything You Must Know About Green, White Veins & Red Kratom

Whether this is your first time learning about kratom or have been consuming kratom powder it for some time now, you can always learn new things about this beautiful, mystery herb. Mitragyna …

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post Diwali detox guide

Watching Dietary Habits Could Go a Long Way in Keeping Women Fit & Active!

Everybody wishes to be their fittest selves; however, it becomes difficult and extremely challenging to understand which health tips are the best for you as there is an incredible amount …

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Why Do Hiccups Come At The Wrong Time?

Running late for an important presentation and these incessant hiccups are just not going. If you have ever come across such a silly situation you would realize the enormity of …

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slow carb diet, slow carb diet food list, slow carb diet meal plan

Thing You Need to Know About The Slow Carb Diet

You look fat! You must reduce your weight! Kam Khao, mote ho gye ho! Are you really fed up with these phrases? Then I am sure you must have tried …

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Nursing Agency

5 Reasons to Choose Agency Nursing As a Career Choice

Nursing agency jobs have become vital for most hospitals as they fill the gaps in nursing positions. Agencies provide short term nursing staff, which are vetted and trained, to make …

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Safer and Healthier Grilling

5 Tips For Safer and Healthier Grilling

When meat is cooked under high temperatures, the amino acids react with creatine in muscles to create heterocyclic amines. This is the problem with boiling, frying, and grilling meat. But …

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Health Insurance Shopping Secrets

Top 5 Health Insurance Shopping Secrets

Let’s face it: health insurance is costly. With so many healthcare options—be it PPO, HMO, EPO, etc.—it can be hard to find the one right for you, as well as …

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cervical pillows

Back Pain? Correct Your Sleeping Posture

The only time when a body’s bones, muscles, ligaments and other structures of the spine are in a completely relaxed mode is during sleep time. In cases of a spinal …

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Spin Exercise

How the Spin Exercise Helps You to Maintain Your Ideal Body?

Spinning is like riding on a stationary bicycle and is a top exercise decision for some ladies. Not exclusively would you be able to make up for lost time with …

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Green Matcha Tea for weight loss

Green Matcha Tea for Weight Loss

Obesity or high weight is the primary health problem in this whole world. People are tired of their overweight. Obesity will cause many health problems that may lead to the …

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dussehra pollution

#FreedomFrom Pollution Caused By Dussehra

India is a country where many festivals are celebrated. But do you have any idea how harmful it is to celebrate festivals like Dussehra and Diwali, especially for our environment? …

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Healthcare Trends

Trends Followed To Augment Customer Experience For Healthcare

The healthcare industry is one that typically affects everyone. However, unfortunately, this also happens to be one specific industry that has historically had a bad reputation in terms of providing …

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Do Multivitamins Work? What Do The Experts Say About It?

A lot of people have a very hard time letting go of multivitamins. They think the only way to good health is by adding multivitamins to their routine habits. But …

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Better Sleep for healthy body and skin

How Sleep Leads To A Healthy Body And Skin: 7 Amazing Truth

The truth is that beauty sleep is not just for women but it is for everyone and beauty sleep is just an 8 hours sleep paired with healthy sleep habits. …

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