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38th week of pregnancy, 38 weeks pregnant, delivery at 38 weeks

38th Week of Pregnancy: Two Weeks To Go

38th Week of Pregnancy! So close to your baby. We can understand that you have faced many physical and mental issues during the whole pregnancy. But don’t worry, the entire …

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manage labor pain

Epidural Anesthesia – Manage Labor Pain

Epidurals are increasingly used to manage labor pain. Let’s weigh its pros and cons to know should you use it or not. Over the last 50 years, more and more …

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11 Moms share their experience with induced labour

The New Moms Club is home to thousands of women sharing their pregnancy experiences. Here are 11 moms sharing their experience with induced labour at the time of their pregnancy. …

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Labour Analgesia: No More Labour Pains

Every woman experiences labour pains differently and there are different medications that can provide pain relief during labour and delivery.  These can depend on the techniques available at your hospital, …

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