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4 Hangover Cures

The only other thing that can be worse than a hangover is finding out how to get rid of it. There is not a single way to completely eliminate all …

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7 Cardio Myths Busted

When it comes to assessing the benefits of cardio training, there are too many to list out. No doubt, there are a lot of myths concerning the advantages of cardio exercises …

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Top 5 Causes of Death

Poor lifestyle causes more harm than merely lowering the quality of life. Let’s take a look at how poor lifestyle choices contribute to some of the leading causes of death: …

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What’s in a name?

Celebrities give weird names to their kids. We picked up top 6 weirdest of the lot to share with you. Audio Science: Shannyn Sossamon and Dallas Clayton Hopper: Sean Penn and Robin Wright …

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