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Diabetes Testing

14 Lifestyle Changes for Managing Diabetes

Controlling blood sugar is the basic underlying key to managing diabetes to live longer and healthier. There are many lifestyle habits that diabetic patients can adapt to stay healthier and …

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6 Natural Ways To Keep Your Heart Healthy

The simplest way to a healthier heart lies in leading a healthier life. It might sound too good to be true, but it is known that people can work their …

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Habits Bad for Heart

7 Daily Habits Bad for Your Heart

Age old wisdom says “Health is Wealth” and it is true irrespective of age, financial status and gender of a person. People have got extremely busy these days – there is …

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healthy heart

Learn How To Keep Your Heart Healthy

Prevention is always better than cure. You may hear a lot of people saying this statement which most of us do not really pay attention to. With all the tempting …

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managing stress in the workplace

Essential Tips On Stress Management In The Workplace

Any job brings some pressure on its employees. Everyone who has done a job has felt and been through the pressure in their workplace. No matter if you love your …

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How to stop snoring

Top 10 Lifestyle Changes to Stop Snoring

If you snore, don’t worry you’re not alone. It is widely believed that more than half the people in the world snore at some point in their lives. Some studies …

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Healthy Lifestyle for Healthy Heart

Healthy Lifestyle for Healthy Heart

Everyone must have heard about the importance of a healthy lifestyle for healthy heart. But, ever wondered what healthy changes are required for a heart–healthy lifestyle and how these changes affect your …

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