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Tag Archives: Neurological issues & Mental health

Neurological Disorders

8 Most Common Treatments For Neurological Disorders

A disorder of the body’s nervous system is deemed as a neurological disorders. Various abnormalities in the brain or spinal cord (like electrical, structural, biochemical or electrical) can manifest themselves …

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anxiety neurosis

Dealing with Severe Anxiety? This is for you

Before being cited as anxiety disorders, the area of mental disorders, characterized by excessive anxiety were known as anxiety neurosis. Anxiety, in general, can be viewed as a feeling of …

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Understanding Mental Illness

People can experience a single mental illness over a period of many years. The intensity, type, and duration of its symptoms will obviously differ from person to person. There is …

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old age

What is the Guillain-Barre Syndrome?

What is the Guillain-Barre Syndrome? The Guillain-Barre syndrome is a rare disorder where the body’s immune system starts attacking its own nerves. Tingling and weakness in one’s extremities are usually …

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Bell’s Palsy: Diagnosis & Treatment

Bell’s palsy is a paralysis of the muscles on only one side of your face. The damage is caused to the facial nerve which controls muscles on that particular side …

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Autism: Don’t Label Your Child ‘Slow’

Surprisingly, the Indian Government recognized Autism in 2001. Till 1980s, there were reports that the disorder didn’t exist in India. Experts worldwide have estimated that 2-6 children out of every …

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Parkinson’s disease FAQ

What is Parkinson’s disease? Parkinson’s disease is a disorder of the nervous system which occurs because of deficiency of a chemical known as dopamine. Patients start having slowness of movements, …

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Cardiovascular Disease – Does Age or Gender Matter?

Parkinson’s Disease: Facts & Figures

Parkinson’s disease is a disorder of the nervous system. It is progressive in nature and affects one’s movement; it builds gradually over a period of time, and begins with something …

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PicMonkey Collage

Why Don’t We Take Depression Seriously?

Why depression needs to be taken seriously Feeling of sadness, loss of interest in everyday activities, loss of appetite, lack of sleep, and poor concentration are just some signs of …

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ALS: Heard of Ice Bucket Challenge?

Heard of the Ice bucket Challenge? You must have come across videos of people pouring a bucket of ice-cold water on them – all for one reason- to create more …

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Could I have Alzheimer’s in old age?

The most commonly occurring form of dementia among senior citizens is the Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is, affecting their day-to-day functioning of carrying out daily activities. This disease develops slowly, first …

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Cerebral Palsy: Early Age Brain Disorder

Cerebral palsy is acquired at an early age, sometimes even before the birth of a child. It affects the motor functions of the body. Its signs and symptoms usually manifest in …

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Treating Anxiety, Depression & Insomnia

In a day and age where lives are becoming more and more complicated, stressful and hectic, psychological distress has become commonplace. However, it is important to understand the day-to-day distress …

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healthy mind

6 Ways To Develop A Healthy Mind

A mind free of stress, worries, addictions, anxieties and other psychological problems allows a richer and more fulfilling life. A healthy and peaceful mind is the most natural condition for …

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memory loss

Are You Suffering From Memory Loss?

What is memory loss? Memory loss, also known as amnesia or amnestic syndrome, refers to an unusual degree of forgetfulness and/or loss of ability to recall past events, facts and …

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Mental Disorder: Understanding Psychosis

What is psychosis? Psychosis is a medical condition that prevents a person from thinking clearly and behaving normally, and the affected person is unable to differentiate between reality and imagination. …

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