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#LadiesAndBabies: Pregnancy Do’s & Dont’s

Becoming a mother is one of the greatest joy a woman experience. Yet it also brings along responsibilities that start even before the baby is born to ensure that he/she …

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6 Unhealthy Effects of Sweets on Your Body

This would translate to about six teaspoons of sugar per day. Let’s take a look at what sugar does to your body: #1 Extra weight Indulging in extra sweets tend …

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bad eating habit

5 Common Eating Habit Mistakes

No matter how many healthy snacks you eat or how often you exercise, a lot of people end up making the same mistakes when it comes to eating healthily. Are your eating habits also coming in …

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October 11: World Obesity Day 2017

The World Obesity Day is celebrated on 11th October every year. It is organised by the World Obesity Federation, a non-profit body which is in official relations with the WHO. The day …

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Pneumonia in newborn

Post Delivery Hygiene For Mother and Baby

Hygiene is as important for a mother and the new born. Proper post delivery hygiene for mother and baby, both, ensures that the duo does not contract any infection and …

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5 Foods Everyone Should Avoid

It has to be realized and understood by people that the kind of lifestyle they live drastically affects their health. Today with the supermarket trend gaining immense popularity, easy to …

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body building

Body Building – When Should I Start?

Most teenagers believe that right after they hit puberty, it would be ‘super cool’ if they joined a gym and started bodybuilding. That’s actually more harmful than it sounds because, …

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babys growth

What comes after breast milk?

Breast milk is a complete nutrition package that an infant needs for growth and development at its nascent stage. But, after 6 months, the baby needs certain additional nutrients that …

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Obesity is an epidemic: Who’s to blame?

Talks of obesity being an epidemic is doing the rounds of various news circles, and while it may seem the topic is being blown out of proportion, it is a …

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Obesity: 3 Major Treatments

Obesity is now one of the leading causes of mortality and morbidity in the world. While there are certain treatment and lifestyle modulation options currently available to deal with the …

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Prevent Obesity – Before it Strikes You

Whether currently at a healthy weight, overweight, or at risk of becoming obese, everyone can take steps to prevent weight gain from unhealthy habits and health problems. Preventing obesity or …

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7-Step guide to losing weight: For Teens

1. What’s the first thing you can do to lose weight? Set a goal! Find out your ideal weight according to your height and compare it to your current weight. …

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Obesity & Cancer Connection

Treating Obesity in India

What is obesity? Being overweight or obese is defined as having an abnormal level of fat accumulation in the body that may impair normal health. Body mass index (BMI) (person’s …

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Child Obesity Is A Reality

What is childhood obesity? Childhood obesity is a serious public health challenge faced globally by many middle- and low-income countries, especially in urban settings. WHO statistics show that there were …

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Proper counseling

Obesity Counselling: Importance of eating healthy

Obesity counselling is proven to be very beneficial for those who are overweight. It provides support, guidance and encouragement to the individuals for overcoming the problem and improving their quality …

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Obesity and low self-esteem

Child Obesity: A Growing Problem

Child Obesity: Is your child overweight? Does he/she Reluctant to enter into social relationships? Seems unusually quiet, withdrawn and angry (at times)? Have very few friends? Avoids going to school …

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Cause of obesity

Obesity: 3 Major Causes

If you’ve always believed overeating and inactivity to be the only causes of obesity, then you need to pay attention to some more hidden reasons that we unveil here. Do …

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Role of exercise

Why is exercise the best way to lose fat?

Is your growing waist-line earning some notorious attention when you step out of the house? Are you mostly found sitting in front of television munching that packet of chips and …

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Diet Control

7 Easy Diet Control Tips

Have you heard the popular saying “you are what you eat” – it simply means a person’s body weight and physical appearance is determined by their eating habits. Diet control is …

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Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders in Young Girls & Its Dangers

Young girls – children and teenagers – who suffer from serious alterations in eating habits, may develop major health problems. Eating disorders generally begin during adolescence or early adulthood, but …

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