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chiropractic treatment

Leading a Pain-Free Life Is The Biggest Gift Of Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic treatment is special, and even though people often confuse it with physical therapy, the treatment is unique because it relies completely on the use of nurse hands, which are …

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Chronic abdominal pain

Chronic Abdominal Pain – A Cause Much More Than Digestion Issues

Chronic Abdominal pain is referred to as a pain in the stomach and the lower areas – below the ribs and above the pelvis to be exact. Every person has …

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period cramps vs pregnancy cramps

Pregnancy Cramps vs Period Cramps

All girls go through menstruation every month. With menstruation, comes cramps which can be experienced either before, during periods or both. They However, each person will have different manifestations of …

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Pain: Understanding your friend

Yes, pain is a friend. This statement may alarm you; but there is no bigger truth. You are in pain because there is something wrong in your body which needs …

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