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Postpartum Depression

#LadiesAndBabies: Postpartum Depression

You must be waiting for the second series of Ladies and Babies. So here we are with a new topic – ‘Postpartum Depression’. We aim to educate our female population …

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Normal Delivery? 12 Changes In Your Body

After the birth of her newborn, the mother’s life is completely governed by her little one but nevertheless, the postpartum care is important to recover from the trauma your body …

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8 Things You Should Never Do To A New Mother

A new mother is physically and mentally very delicate. She has just created a new life, her body and life have almost changed. She needs her friends and family more …

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PPD (Postpartum Depression) – My story & Learning

A member of the New Moms’ Club shares her experience with PPD I was a girl who was full of life until PPD struck me and I couldn’t understand what …

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Maintaining a good health after Menopause

How I overcame Postpartum Depression & You can too

I had heard and read a lot about the so called “Postpartum Depression” when I was pregnant and I just laughed over it every time. I was so sure that …

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PostPartum Depression: Voice of an Expert

Mimansa Singh Tanwar, Clinical Psychologist and Coordinator Clinical Psychology at the Department of Mental health and Behavioural Sciences in Fortis Healthcare explains postpartum depression and how to cope with it. …

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Postpartum Depression: Voice of Indian moms

As a part of one of our initiatives to spread health awareness and provide moms medical assistance at their time of need, Credihealth created the New Moms Club – a …

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“When Motherhood felt like a punishment!” My Postpartum depression Story

After a year of my marriage I got pregnant and from the day I revealed the good news there was a continuous flow of advice and good wishes, but then …

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Dealing with Depression: Everything you need to know

What is depression? Feeling sad or depressed at times is a normal reaction to loss or life’s struggles. However, when intense sadness envelops a person, involving feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness …

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