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spinal decompression Therapy

Spinal Decompression Therapy For Sciatica Pain

Although physical therapy is quite different from chiropractic treatment, people often find it hard to distinguish between the two, mainly because both are entirely non-invasive and physical. But looking deeper, …

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Back pain

“Oh, My Aching Back” – An Epidemic Expression of 21st Century

Back pain is the most common cause of work-related disability. 80% of people experience back pain at some point in their lives. With increasing sedentary lifestyle and ever-expanding aging population, …

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back pain

Spinal Tumour: Types & Causes

Spinal tumour is an abnormal growth of cells in the spinal cord or surrounding the spinal cord and spinal column. The cells grow and multiply uncontrollably. Spinal tumours can be …

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Spinal Metastases: Can Spine Cancer Spread?

What is spinal metastases? Metastases refer to the spread of cancer from its primary location in the body to another organ. Metastatic bone disease (MBD) is the name given to …

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