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baby vaccines schedule

Know Your Child’s Vaccine Schedule: What Shots Baby Needs & When

Vaccinations are the best way to prevent children from falling prey to diseases. Although your child might not like getting them, they are essential for immunizing their body against various …

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World Rabies Day 2016

World Rabies Day was introduced by Global Alliance for Rabies which is a non-profit organization based in USA and UK. It is an initiative backed by UN and WHO and …

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16 Important Vaccinations That Must Be Given To Your Baby

For parents, raising a child comes with many decisions. From ensuring that their baby gets the best of everything be it education or lifestyle, to providing a nurturing environment where …

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Immunisation- Should I, or shouldn’t I?

Most parents have this recurring and nagging concern about how justified the immunisation that they subject their children to are, especially regarding their effectiveness, safety and price. Let me try and …

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