A piece of ribonucleic acid (RNA), uridine has the ability to deliver a number of different health benefits to those people who take it. Some of these are detailed below in greater detail so that you can determine if it is something that is worth taking for you.

Nerve Damage & Pain

The evidence from clinical trials shows that when uridine is combined with the vitamin B12 and folic acid, it can dramatically reduce the pain associated with peripheral neuropathy. It is also successful in reducing the number of areas that are affected. These effects have been confirmed by numerous other trials and studies that looked at conditions including carpal tunnel syndrome and diabetic neuropathy. Because uridine has always been used in combination during this research, science is still unable to conclusively state whether alone it has enough of an affect on these conditions.

Aids Sleep

Uridine is naturally present in human breast milk and plays an important role in helping babies get good quality sleep. Research shows that when an infant ingests uridine just before going to sleep, they are considerably more likely to sleep the whole way through the night than if they had not had any of the chemical. However, it is not just children that it works for to improve sleep – it has also been identified to help adults too. How exactly it can do that needs to be further researched, as this has not yet been looked at by science. 


Bipolar Disorder & Depression

Lots of science has been done to look at the effects of uridine for treating the symptoms of mental health issues, such as depression and bipolar disorder – specifically in adolescents. From various studies it has been determined that the chemical works to vastly improve the mitochondrial function, something that is thought to be compromised in the brains of those people who are bipolar. Uridine has also been shown to improve the structure of cell membrane nerves – again, this is something that can be altered in those people who suffer with bipolar disorders. 

Lung Disease

A drug called uridine triphosphate (UTP), in combination with amiloride, has been shown to clear the sticky mucus in the lungs of cystic fibrosis sufferers, thus making breathing much easier for them to do. UTP is also equally effective when combined with sodium channel blockers. The chemical has not only been shown to help people with serious conditions, such as cystic fibrosis, but also more milder health issues, such as bronchitis. However, these trials have only so far been conducted on small sample groups and so require much more in depth research in order to be conclusive about uridine’s effects.

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