Getting help during a lockdown was challenging since companies shut with the immense restrictions that the country implemented for people’s safety. The Coronavirus brought many changes since the start of 2020, and with no cure or information on the virus for most of the year, Governments were doing their best to keep everyone safe. They implemented new rules like wearing masks and maintaining a social distance, which reduced the chances of people catching the virus from one another. The primary purpose of the changes was to reduce the spread, especially outdoors and in crowded places. When any country or state had a significant increase in the number of people with the virus, and it overwhelmed hospitals and medical staff, the Government would implement a lockdown. During this time, people were not allowed to leave their homes unless they needed groceries or essential services.

What were the challenges of getting assistance during the lockdown?

With most services closed, people were struggling to get anything done. With the pandemic spreading as bad as it was, everyone was weary about going to hospitals to meet doctors since they were afraid of catching something. Most were delaying getting a medical checkup, which was very important, and they could not receive treatment since they didn’t have their information. Additionally, in many places, doctors would prioritise medical conditions when overwhelmed with Coronavirus patients. They asked some people to delay getting a checkup and come in at a later point in time since they did not have symptoms.

The process of getting to the hospital was a little lengthier because of the pandemic, and people were unsure about getting through. Since it would take longer, some people were not too comfortable about it, and it also caused a lot more health issues or delays in response time, which was challenging for most. Doctors were not always available, and they were finding it challenging to keep up with their workload.

How were people getting through the pandemic?

The changes were challenging to keep up with, but the best that most could do was use the internet to connect with as many people as possible. They were also using tech to keep up with changes for the most part. They could easily communicate with people who had a connection to the medical fraternity to receive assistance over the phone. Many people were working on changes and connecting with people through digital and virtual means.

Some companies had professionals in every sphere and branch of medicine, who could assist clients who were struggling to get help during the pandemic. Additionally, there were many procedures that people could coordinate with their doctors online. People were sending their doctors images and videos of issues, symptoms and conditions that they were facing. They were then told whether they needed to come in for a checkup, or if they could walk it off. Many people were also receiving information over the phone and solving their health issues remotely.

Other changes that people made throughout the pandemic were participating in online calls and virtual sessions to receive the support they needed. They could take many classes, including working out, learning new skills and picking up hobbies, allowing them to grow throughout the pandemic and lockdown. People were even getting therapy online since they could no longer attend their sessions in person since there were restrictions on meeting, and people did not want to meet in person. People were also rushing to gather their information through telehealth and online health portals since they were convenient, and people could get that information without leaving their homes. It was also reducing the strain on healthcare workers who are already overworked and putting in long hours and shifts. The main issue was a shortage of healthcare workers.

Other than a trip to a hospital, the second-best place to get the medical assistance that people were looking for was through digital platforms where they could communicate with doctors to assist them digitally. It is however important that people make sure they get a second option or that they only communicate and coordinate with agencies with a reputation to make sure they are on the right path.

There were websites with a list of all hospitals that people could refer to if they had a medical emergency. Although the information was available through a simple Google search, receiving it through a medical website was more convenient. There were other changes that they had to get through as well. People could provide their location and would receive all the places around them. Some websites had additional information about various conditions so they could educate themselves as well. People could also consider the cost of various treatments or even calculate an estimate before going through them which allowed them to be a little more aware of the situation

How were companies hiring the right teams?

Companies had to review the people they were hiring. They had to make sure they were working with people without a criminal record. Background checks go through past information of people and allow companies to make conscious decisions on whether it makes sense to get them on board. Some background checks show that it was not a good idea to bring someone on board since they might not have been allowed to work with groups of people, like the oldest or the youngest section of society. It would be ideal for a company working with medical practitioners to have that information before hiring another addition to their team.

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