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online therapy options
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Things to keep in mind while choosing a good online therapy option

According to Mental health disorder statistics, more than 26% of the population above 18 years in the USA suffer from one or the other types of mental disorder, namely depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, etc. 

Approximately one in four adults have a mental illness, and this number is rapidly increasing. This can result in severe disability, requiring treatment by professionals who specialize in psychology or psychiatry.

These stats are disturbing and shocking while making us question how to restrain this increasing trend of mental disability among youth, be it men or women, kids and elderly. 

Therapy as a cure 

Mental health problems are common, but help is available to get your life back on track. If you experience a mental health problem but don’t seek assistance, the problem is likely to continue or may even get worse.

This can lead to problems such as poor physical health, substance abuse, and suicide. However, by recognizing the signs and symptoms of mental health problems and reaching out for assistance, you’ll benefit from treatment for your mental illness and improve your overall health and wellbeing

Favorably, the help is just around the corner. For example, Thriveworks, an online mental health service provider, offers e-therapy, phone therapy, or consultation with expert psychologists while catering to career issues, mental health complications, relationships counseling, addiction, trauma, etc. 

Several patients’ Thriveworks reviews state that online therapy and health services are a boon for people seeking treatment for psychological disorders but unable to physically see a professional therapist due to family, work, or other life obligations.

Points to consider  

  •  Reliability

There are many online mental health service providers to choose from, claiming to have a team of mental health experts, but before you sign up and decide to put your time, effort, and money into the sessions, it is highly recommended to verify their credibility and do your own research online with the help of reviews and testimonials to safeguard your interest and avoid any hassle or disappointment with the unprofessional service in future. 

A potential client should understand the seriousness of the mental illness and not leave any stone unturned before trusting their care with anyone. 

Therefore, do read about the mental health experts offering the services, whether they are licensed, their experience, to ensure maximum benefit from the sessions. 

Additionally, you can visit the state licensing board website to check for any complaints against their license or any disciplinary action taken. If you encounter any such complaint, you can cross that therapist out of your list and look for another provider instead.

  • Insurance cover

Due to the high cost of therapy, determine whether your therapist/specialist is connected to your insurance company. In this way, you can know whether you are covered for the health services you seek or not.

 Most health insurance companies offer a wide range of plans to assist you in receiving necessary treatments. Talk with your therapist about the plan in which they accept the insurance coverage and arrange for its services before taking the sessions to get an idea in this regard and consider your budget before deciding.

  • Personal effort 

The patient needs to understand that the online therapy sessions only facilitate your recovery to a sound mental state. Therefore, the onus also lies in the patient following the treatment guidelines instead of using therapy as an escape route.

To get the most out of the therapy, they must adjust their lifestyle, including quitting drinking, eating well, exercising regularly, and diverting their energy into functional tasks.

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