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Best Cold-Pressed Juice

Top 5 cold-pressed juices for a healthy body

The New Year is always a great time to make resolutions about keeping healthy, but we know that it’s not always super easy. Well, we’re here to tell you all about an easy way to keep that resolution – cold-pressed juices.

So what exactly is cold-pressed juice? Cold-pressed juice is juice made using a hydraulic press. This press extracts more juice from fresh fruit and veg than traditional juicers by applying a huge amount of pressure. This process is done without pasteurization or heat, hence the name ‘cold-pressed.’

Because it is made without heat, which tends to affect the fruit’s taste and quality, cold-pressed juice is said to be better for you. You benefit from more of the fruit and veg goodness because there’s more of it in there!

If we’ve got you interested, keep reading for the best cold-pressed juices – whether that’s a delicious cold-pressed orange juice, or a detox delight –  to maintain a healthy body…   

best cold pressed juice

Top 5 cold-pressed juices for a healthy body

Want to get into cold-pressed juices but not sure where to start? Here are our top five favorite cold-pressed juices from Little West and their health benefits

  • Detox Greens

Purify your internal system with Little Wet’s Detox Greens cold-pressed juice. It’s the perfect cold-pressed juice for flushing out the bad stuff and giving yourself a really great detox. With amazing ingredients such as celery, kale, cucumber, and spirulina, it’s full of nutritious greens that will leave you feeling your best!

Cold-pressed juice benefits of Detox Greens

The nutrient-rich greens packed into this little bottle have a wide range of health benefits, such as boosting your immunity. They can also help support your liver and kidneys, the two organs responsible for detoxing the body!

  • Orange Juice

It may be simple, but this cold-pressed orange juice from Little West is so delicious and nutritious, it’s just like freshly squeezed orange juice. Made solely with locally grown Californian oranges, this little bottle of cold-pressed orange juice is just bursting with vitamin C goodness. It’s the perfect way to kickstart your day. 

Cold-pressed juice benefits of Orange Juice

This cold-pressed orange juice has just one simple ingredient – but works its magic just like the other cold-pressed juices. But vibrant, naturally sweet flavor isn’t the only thing this juice has got going for it. This cold-pressed orange juice is full of vitamin C, antioxidants, potassium, and iron to keep you feeling strong and healthy!

  • Gingersnap

If you’re prone to feeling sluggish after eating or have issues with digestion, this cold-pressed juice is the one for you. With fresh ginger juice, green apple, and lemon, this cold-pressed juice has a spicy yet sweet taste that is perfect if you love a bit of a kick!

Cold-pressed juice benefits of Gingersnap

This juice is great for helping with bloating and digestive problems due to its antioxidant ingredient, gingerol. Ginger root is known for having great health benefits and has been used in medicine for thousands of years. It can also help reduce inflammation!

  • Go Big 

Go big or go home! This juice is brimming with delicious and nutritious cold-pressed ingredients that will be a treat for your body and your taste buds. Wheatgrass, kale, beets, and apples create an earthy yet sweet flavor that feels wholesome and healthy!

Cold-pressed juice benefits of Go Big

There’s an entire day’s worth of vitamins in this small but mighty bottle. They don’t call it Go Big for nothing! The key ingredients of this cold-pressed juice are the beets, which have been shown to promote blood flow and help with detoxing the body

  • Fireball

This cold-pressed juice is a sure-fire way to ignite your immune system to be the best it can be! With a whopping six wellness shots, ginger, turmeric, and pepper for absorption, this bottle is the golden ticket to healthy immunity. Winter flu won’t know what hit it!

Cold-pressed juice benefits of Fireball

These raw, cold-pressed ingredients are a recipe for a super healthy body! Bursting with vitamin C for boosted immunity and freshly juiced ginger for reduced inflammation, this juice has got health, spice, and all things nice.

Little West Top Tips When Consuming Cold-Pressed Juice

If you’re new to cold-pressed juice, take a look at these top tips for the best, healthiest ways to incorporate it into your diet!

  • Tip 1: Go Organic!

When choosing your cold-pressed juice at the store, try going organic. Cold organic pressed juices use organic fruit and vegetables, which are grown without the use of herbicides, pesticides, or nasty chemicals. This means it’s better for you and for the environment in which they are grown!

Although Little West is not certified organic, it’s even better! Little West only uses produce from local family farms and receives the ingredients as soon as they leave the farm – making for even fresher juices. Because the produce is grown locally, Little West can see for itself how the produce is grown and ensure it’s of the highest quality.

  • Tip 2: Incorporate Cold-Pressed Juices Healthily!

No one can survive on a diet of just juice. Make sure you’re getting all the nutrients you need by eating a healthy, balanced diet while consuming Little West juices as part of your diet to keep as healthy as possible. We recommend starting your day with a delicious, cold-pressed juice alongside a nutritious breakfast. Or, why not drink your juice with a mid-morning or afternoon snack?

For more information on juice cleanses and how to do them properly and safely, take a look at the Little West website. Little West recommends the Two Day Juice Cleanse Kit for those who are new to juice cleanses.  

  • Tip 3: Mix ‘n’ Match Your Cold-Pressed Juices!

Get the most out of Little West juices by buying a wide variety! Each juice has different ingredients, meaning there are different minerals, nutrients, and vitamins in each one. To make sure you’re getting as many cold-pressed juice benefits as possible, try out different flavors. 

If you need some help, why not try one of the Little West kits? That way you’ll try a wide range of juices, and you can choose the kit according to what your body needs. 

Make sure you keep all your healthy body resolutions this year with some Little West cold-pressed juices! Drinking these cold-pressed juices is an easy and effective way of ensuring your diet is as healthy as possible. And all you have to do is drink a delicious bottle of juice! What could be better?

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