Many people travel to India for vacations or just to visit the country, be it NRIs or foreigners.

The most important thing for anyone while travelling is to look after their health so that they do not fall sick. The climatic conditions and environment of India does not suit a lot of people, so they have to take extra care of themselves. This is a country where you will find some of the best food possible, but all you have to do is take some precautions to enjoy these foods.

Travelling to India? Things to avoid:

  1. Don’t drink tap water: Avoid drinking tap water or any kind of juice and other things sold by cart vendors. Packaged mineral water is inexpensive in India and it is widely available. It is recommended that you carry packaged water while travelling instead of drinking tap water.
  2. Don’t have food from roadside vendors: The food from roadside vendors and cart vendors should be avoided. They use several ingredients that might not suit you.
  3. Eat freshly cooked food: Avoid consuming food that has been cooked a while before as it might upset your stomach. Avoid eating meat and instead take advantage of the wide variety of vegetarian dishes available. If you want to eat meat, have it at an upscale restaurant.
  4. Sanitize/ wash your hands habitually: Wash your hands or sanitize them on a regular basis to avoid any kind of infection or disease.

Taking proper precautions for your health before travelling to India is very important if you are an NRI who is not accustomed to the environment here. Any particular vaccine apart from the one against Yellow Fever is not compulsory but it is recommended that you get certain vaccinations as a precaution


Medical tourism is the term given to the phenomena of people travelling to another country seeking medical treatment. India is among the top three destinations for medical tourism in Asia – along with Thailand and Singapore, it accounted for around 60% of Asian revenue through healthcare in 2012.

Medical Tourism in India: 5 Reasons Why it’s Growing

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