Types of Contact Lenses in India

Contact lenses are convenient. Find out the kinds of contact lenses in India!

Types of Contact Lenses in India
Types of Contact Lenses in India
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Contact lenses are the most convenient way to hide the fact that you wear spectacles and still be able to see everything around you without any problems occurring. Some of the most common contact lenses available in India include:

#1 Daily lenses

The advantages of these include:
  • With daily lenses, you can wear them and throw them at the end of the day, which means that all issues related to hygiene are automatically eliminated.
  • You can avoid any infection in your eyes as you don't need to worry about how clean your lenses are as compared to other lenses.
  • These lenses are extremely soft at all times so any discomfort or factors that cause your eyes to turn red can be totally eliminated.
  • These lenses can accommodate any number, axis or problem related to your eyes.

#2 Monthly lenses

Monthly lenses, as the name suggests, are changed on a monthly basis. This means that you can wear one pair of lenses for thirty days without worrying about your vision being compromised. With monthly lenses, you should consider the following issues:
  • You can wear them for a total of 30/31 days without your vision being compromised
  • You need to ensure that your sense of hygiene is perfect because your lenses can cause infections if you don't clean them/ clean the box or container on a regular basis
  • The lenses can become hard over time (closer to the end of the month mostly) which can make your eyes feel a little irritated
  • These are cheaper than daily disposable lenses

#3 Yearly lenses

These can be disposed, as the name suggests, at the end of the year. However, they tend to be a little cumbersome as once you lose them, you'll have to buy new ones, as opposed to the daily or monthly pair. These are the cheapest of the lot.
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