World Rabies Day 2016

World Rabies Day was introduced by Global Alliance for Rabies which is a non-profit organization based in USA and UK. It is an initiative backed by UN and WHO and takes place on the death anniversary of Louis Pasteur, (28 September) who developed the first rabies vaccine. 2016 marks the 10th World Rabies Day, a milestone in rabies prevention.

World Rabies Day aims to spread awareness about the impact of rabies and ways to prevent the disease. The year 2016, marks a decade since the start of World Rabies Day, which is now a global phenomenon. It has reached over a 100 countries today and is expanding further.

Rabies has emerged to be a huge health problem, spreading through unvaccinated pets like dogs and monkeys. Almost 99% of the total deaths caused by rabies around the world, happen in Asia and Africa, with the maximum number of unvaccinated dogs.

How to prevent rabies?

  • Vaccinating domestic pets , particularly dogs.
  • Vaccinating livestock and all other domestic animals. Animals other than dogs can also get rabies, even though it is common in dogs. By vaccinating the family animals, the whole family will stay protected.

What to do in case of an animal bite?

  1. Wash the wound with soap and water for 15 minutes.
  2. Apply Dettol or Savlon to avoid infection.
  3. Visit the nearest doctor for further treatment.
  4. Follow up on vaccines to avoid the onset of rabies.
  5. Observe the animal for next 14 days. In case of death of the animal, report to the authorities.

World Rabies Day campaign consists of worldwide programs organized and hosted by local volunteers in different cities of the world . It aims to spread the knowledge about vaccinating a pet and controlling the spread of rabies. This year’s theme for World Rabies Day is “Rabies: Educate. Vaccinate. Eliminate”. Many events will take place around the world today. They will focus on spreading the message of rabies control and prevention in the future.

Rabies is a trans-border problem. It is mostly dominant among the wild animals, who don’t understand the concept of man made boundaries. Thus, cross border international communities work to fight this deadly disease in the best possible manner. It promotes One Health approach, including all human and animal health organisations for a combined effort to educate people around the world about the symptoms and causes of rabies and at the same time train them on ways and means for vaccination.

Rabies can effect wild animals , domestic pets as well as humans. The World Rabies Day aims to draw the attention of various governmental organisations towards holding drives to vaccinate the street dogs and ensure that timely and correct vaccination can reach those who can’t afford it . This is only possible through subsidies and government programs. Global Alliance for Rabies, not only spreads awareness it also helps government organisations around the world to help device policies for the prevention and control of rabies. It is particularly active in countries where dog and monkey bites are considered normal and not paid much heed to.

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