Cancer, a word that brings dread and sorrow to not only the patient who gets diagnosed with the disorder but also the family. The ordeal one has to go through cannot be put in words. Such was the case with the Indian legend to hit six sixes in an over against England, Yuvraj Singh. Yuvraj Singh cancer treatment story is one which tells people that being diagnosed with this disorder is not the end of the world. There is hope yet.

Yuvraj Singh Cancer Diagnosis

In the world cup of 2011, Yuvraj would reportedly go in a bout of coughs. When the world cup was finally over and he had bagged a five-wicket haul and a half-century in the match, he finally got some tests done. The diagnosis revealed Yuvraj Singh had developed a cancerous tumor in his left lung. Here are the bullet points of Yuvraj Singh cancer diagnosis.

  • The doctors diagnosed Yuvraj Singh with the malignant tumor that goes by the name seminoma.
  • Most people confuse it with lung cancer but it is not the case, though it still is a malignant tumor it does not occur in the lungs.
  • Yuvraj Singh’s cancer was the treatable kind and as soon as he was diagnosed the doctors started with Yuvraj Singh cancer treatment.

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A Little Insight On Seminoma And Yuvraj Singh Cancer Treatment Relation

Yuvraj Singh has gone on record and shared his experience with the disorder. He recalls suffering from a great deal of pain through the disease and the cancer treatment equally.

  • Yuvraj Singh cancer disorder is one of the rarest kinds it is better known as Mediastinal Seminoma.
  • Mediastinal Seminoma occurs in the space between the two lungs and the heart.
  • The malignant tumor is not known to spread and is also very treatable.
  • This germ cell affects mostly the young generation.
  • A germ cell is a master cell which changes into reproductive cells, reproductive cells are sperm cells in men and in women’s case, eggs.
  • As a fetus, these cells are carried from head to various parts of the body including mediastinum, abdomen, and finally reproductive organs.
  • When some of these cells fail to reach the reproductive organs, they become malignant cancer. This case is known as extra-gonadal cancer.
  • In Yuvraj’s case too, he was at the first stage when the tumor was caught.

Yuvraj Singh Cancer Treatment

When he got diagnosed with cancer, Yuvraj Singh was taken to the Cancer Research Institute for his treatment. Yuvraj Singh cancer treatment regime included chemotherapy and certain medications.

  • The doctors who took his case claimed that the tumor was malignant but curable.
  • Yuvraj Singh cancer case is a less critical one than that of Lance Armstrong, the Tour de France winner.
  • Yuvraj was seen tweeting about how he was inspired by Lance’s journey of surviving cancer and his book “It’s Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life”
  • Lance was diagnosed with cancer in his testicular region in the year of 1996.

It’s commendable how Yuvraj Singh has fought cancer bravely! There are many famous celebrities who despite brave tries succumbed to the deadly disease. Click here to know the Celebrities Who Lost Their Lives to Lung Cancer.

Seminoma: All You Need To Know

For a general case of seminoma, below is a list of symptoms, causes, treatments, and diagnosis available.

  1. Symptoms of Seminoma
    Some common symptoms of seminoma are:

    • Night Sweats
    • Shortness of breath
    • Chest pain
    • Frequent coughing
    • Elevated body temperature
    • Sudden weight loss

Note: There are some cases where people don’t exhibit any symptoms at all.

  1. Diagnosis
    A general routine of seminoma diagnosis involves:

    • Chest X-Ray
    • Tumor Markers
    • CT Scan
    • Testicular Ultrasound
    • CT Scan
    • MRI Scan
  2. Causes
    As mentioned earlier, these are the reproductive cells which turn malignant when they fail to reach the reproductive organs and cause seminoma disorders. When they turn cancerous the tumor is known as the extragonadal tumor.
  3. Treatment
    The treatment as was the case with Yuvraj Singh cancer treatment usually involves the following or a combination of the following things.

    1. Chemotherapy
    2. Surgery
    3. Radiotherapy

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Take Away – Yuvraj Singh’s Cancer Story

yuvraj singh cancer treatment story
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Cancer is a matter of deep concern and you should immediately seek professional medical help if you show the symptoms. With that said, half the battle is already one if you keep an optimistic outlook and don’t lose hope. We leave you with the words of Lance Armstrong that got Yuvraj Singh through the fight against cancer.

“Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever.”



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