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    am 27 and i have been suffering from this problem from last 7 months.. When i am taking anything in my hand like cream or powder anything that is under my hand appears double.. when i talk to someone some other person going from behind that person or from side to that person appears double.. when i am putting paste on my brush tiles are double... when i am washing hands and taking bath tiles appears double...while using phone and walking my legs appears four.. when i am seeing my naval my legs are four and when i see my legs my naval is two... if there is any spot in the mirror it is double when i try to make that spot single my face is double.. while eathing bathing brushing teaching one or the other thing will be double... all eye tests done MRI dome but there is no issue in it.. big big towers, aeroplanes appears double if there is any obstacle in the middle... pls help me out... what treatment can be done to get rid of it..This problem goes off when i close one eye. This is physiological as i nrver experienced such bad vision before.. can any doctor in india will be able 2 solve it???

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    Vaibhav Kumar

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    Administration @ Credicommunity15 March 2018 at 11:44

    It could be a problem of extraocular muscle weakness. 

    Please visit Ophthalmologist for a detailed eye checkup.