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Pregnancy and Infertility


hi I'm 28year old female from Delhi. mere first daughter 14 August 2017 me hue mera 27November 2016 me shaddi hue ushe phele period ek dum regular normal the baby me b problem nahi hue but he c sec se hue ushke baad period every 2month me aate hai aur main second baby k liye try kar rahi hu but 2 baar negative aaya and and beti Abhi bf leti hai but 2 time bas

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Dr. Nimrat Kaur

credihealth Verified Doctor
MBBS and Masters of Public Health 08 September 2018 at 12:38

you will not get your period till the time you are breast feeding your daughter. periods get normal 3-4 months after discontinuing breast feeding.