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What happens to the body and mind if one avoids sex for a very long time?

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Digital Doctor by Birth 20 January 2018 at 10:24

Celibacy has effects on your body & mind but they're hardly life-threatening, and they do not affect your next sexual encounter.

Tightness in your vagina is not influenced by your number of sexual partners. Hymen will never grow back.

Avoiding sex for long could lead to less lubrication in the vagina. May cause to increase the likelihood of erectile dysfunction in men. There's also a possibility that regular ejaculations might help a man avoid prostate cancer. You may be more prone to illnesses and infections that your immune system would otherwise block. If you are used to the stress-lowering benefit of sex, then its absence may not have a good impact on your general ability to cope with stress. A good sex life is strongly linked to cardiovascular health otherwise there’s decrease in hormonal and aerobic boost.