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    My close relative has been suffering from OCD for last many years. One psychiatrist put him on resperidone, oleanz etc in the lightest doses for 17 years but the main complaint of my relative that he was suffering from severe obsession with his own breath, could not be removed. After changing his psychiatrist, the new psychiatrist put him on Pexep CR 37.5 mg, tapering to 25 mg and now on 12.5 mg. It took only 6 years when my relative stopped thinking about his breath. His new psychiatrist says Pexep CR tablet came in Indian market as early as year 1998. Please tell me if my relative was put on incorrect medicine for 17 long years. Thanks and Regards

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    Dr. Nimrat Kaur

    credihealthVerified Doctor
    MBBS and Masters of Public Health08 September 2018 at 12:42

    Pexep CR is the drug of choice for depressive disorders and OCD’s. and the tapering dose was correct. there is nothing to worry.


    29 Aug 2019 , 11:41 am