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    Hello doctor m 37 yrs old n a mother of three years old son..three yrs bk i deliver my son through cesarean . My problem is that i got itching at left side at vagina's dermitologist prescription m using elocon oinment wenevr its it harmful to use this ointment frequently? The other problem is that just one or two inches below the belly button m having sharp pain or smtime mild...not whole area but only at particular part..the pain dont last long...if i massage it wit hand i get relieve...what could be the reasons?? Is it normal or anything serious deep inside. M worried pls pour some advice.. thanking u in advance.

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    Dr. Nimrat Kaur

    credihealthVerified Doctor
    MBBS and Masters of Public Health20 August 2018 at 13:02

    Elocon is a local steroidal preparation which helps aid local inflammation due to allergy or rash. For how long have you been using it? For your lower abdominal pain, I suggest getting a uteropelvic ultrasound. It seems like a case of vaginal infection which has traveled up to the uterus/vaginal wall. Please get an ultrasound and pap smear. Your regular obgyn can help with the same.