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My Father is 65 years old. First he was having some chest Pain. then i had consulted with a cardiologist. Doctor suggested me for a TMT test. We did the same, but TMT Report was Positive. then Doctor Suggested for a Angiogram,and found negative. it was in the year 2016. After that my father didn't faced any severe problem. In 2017 those problem again turned back with some other problem also. That time we had take him to a Pulmonologist. After Discussing all the Problem the Doctor Suggested for a HRCT Chest. We did the Same & the Result was "DPLD" UIP Pattern. Then Doctor Suggested for a CT Pulmonary angio. But that report was Feature of DPLD-likely usual Interstitial Pheumonia. No Consolidation.No evidance of Pulmonary Thromboembolism. Now Doctor has Prescribed Pirfenex 200 mg Tab 6 in a Day. along with that he has given Duolin & Combihale FF 250 Inhealer per day. But My is felling very fatigue. He is quite ok right now. So i Need a Second Opinion.

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