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    Liver and Pancreas


    Why does the fatty liver disease occur?

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    Always there for you @ Credihealth03 April 2018 at 11:59

    A fatty liver disease can be occurred due to alcoholism which results in the production of toxic metabolites like aldehydes during metabolism of alcohol in the liver, commonly occurs with chronic alcoholism. A fatty liver disease can also be occurred due to heavy drinking, obesity, hyperlipidemia, high levels of fats in the blood, diabetes, genetic inheritance, rapid weight loss, side effect of certain medications, including aspirin, steroids, tamoxifen, and tetracycline. Fatty liver develops when the body cannot metabolize fat fast enough & creates too much fat. The excess fat which is stored in liver cell accumulates and will result in fatty liver disease. Eating a high-fat, high-sugar diet is also responsible for having a fatty liver disease.


    29 Aug 2019 , 11:42 am