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How to gain weight without any long term side-affects?

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For gaining weight, you should stick to some time tested rules which are easy enough to bring to your routine.

Start Exercising

Workouts increase your muscle mass and not fat, and you will gain muscles. Weight lifting is essential, which break our muscles and with apt nutrition, your body rebuilds stronger muscles. Restrict cardio to once a week and you will make rapid weight gain.

Consume More Protein

With exercises, you need protein as muscles are made up of them. Not only whey protein, but include full variety like egg whites, chickpeas, cottage cheese etc. If you weigh 50 kg, your target should be 100 grams protein.

Increase Complex Carbohydrates Intake

Include sweet potato, brown rice, whole wheat in your meals. If you weigh 50 kg, 200 grams should be your target. This will fuel your exercises and you will start gaining weight. Exercises will ensure this increase is distributed properly.

Eat Frequently

Smaller meals absorb easily instead of overburdening. Eat 4-5 times a day, even though your meals may be smaller. This will help you keep in calorific surplus.

Sleep at least 7–8 hours daily

We grow while we sleep and our body re-aligns itself after exercises. Skip late night TV shows and allow your body to recharge your batteries.

Drink 10-12 glasses of water daily

Muscles are made up of water and allows absorption of calories. Drinking water is most important.

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Dt. Neha Suryawanshi

credihealth Verified Dietician
Member since 07 February 2018 11 May 2018 at 11:01

Take high protein diet. 

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Dt. Neha Suryawanshi

credihealth Verified Dietician
Member since 07 February 2018 07 May 2018 at 17:56

Take high protein diet. Take small and frequent meals at regular intervals. Ask me directly for customized diet plan for you. you can consult with me on my what's up no. 9757149915 

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Dt.Neha Suryawanshi