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    Is instant coffee bad for someone who has breast cancer?

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    Only decades ago doctors and health professionals used to warn about the negative effects of having too much coffee because of the risk that caffeine was believed to have on your body. However, the last decade has shed so much light on the health benefits of coffee and its relationship with cancer. Based on which variant of a certain gene a woman possessed, a coffee intake rate of at least two-three cups per day can either decrease the total risk of developing breast cancer or may delay the onset of cancer, that’s what doctors say now.

    The effect of coffee is basically related to estrogens i.e. female sex hormones. Some metabolic products of these hormones are believed to be carcinogenic, and the good news is several components of coffee can actually alter the metabolism so that a woman can have a better configuration of various estrogens. What's more, caffeine present in coffee also reduces the growth of cancer cells.