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How long do hotflashes last after taking Arimidex?

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#ART is something I am 15 December 2017 at 16:24

You may find the hot flashes gradually decreasing with time after you start taking Arimidex; many women do. But we're talking years, not months, for them to vanish entirely. Some women even deal with hot flashes (usually much less intense and much less frequent) for the rest of their lives.

Don't mean to discourage you, but that's reality; there's not much you can do for them. Few antidepressant medications have helped some women but remember to ask your oncologist about going this route.

Nothing is guaranteed to help, but all of the following have been found to reduce the number and severity of hot flashes for some women who have been advised to avoid Hormone Replacement Therapy:

  1. Acupuncture
  2. Relaxation therapy
  3. Regular exercise
  4. Reduction in weight or body mass index (If overweight, try to lose 10% of weight)
  5. Clonodine (also used for hypertension)
  6. Gabapentin ( also used for seizure disorders)
  7. Various antidepressants (SSRIs and SNRIs)