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    Is there any relationship between lactose intolerance and breast cancer?

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    #ART is something I am23 January 2018 at 10:20

    Be thankful if you are lactose intolerant because it could save you from certain cancers including breast cancer. Some researchers from Sweden said in 2014 that people who are lactose intolerant might be less likely to develop lung, breast and ovarian cancers. Low dairy consumption seems to reduce the risk in lactose intolerant people. However, a study didn’t find any protective effects in their family members. This leads scientists to believe that individual diet may be the most vital factor.

    One 2013 study discovered that cancer patients who used to eat a daily serving of high-fat dairy (like full-fat ice cream, cheese or milk) were more likely to die from their disease, especially breast cancer.

    The reduced risk of certain cancers in lactose-intolerant people may be associated with factors like lower calorie intake due to lower milk consumption, or there may be some protective ingredients in plant-based beverages used instead of milk.