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Liver and Pancreas


Why does the SGPT and SGOT rise in liver damage (though being by any cause)?

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Vaibhav Kumar

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An increase in the SGOT and SGPT levels is an indication of liver damage. The normal level of 30 for males and 19 for females if it reaches it medical attention is required. SGPT levels in the blood are thus compared with liver damage for example, from viral hepatitis or with compared to the heart for example, from a heart attack. Some medications can also be reasons for raise in SGPT levels. SGOT and SGPT both are enzymes which are present in the liver which causes transmission of amino acids. These enzymes result in shunt nitrogen from the amino acids to the urea making. SGOT deals with aspartate and SGPT deals with Alanine. As these enzymes are present in the hepatocytes their concentration increases with hepatocyte destruction. AST or SGPT is also present in RBC hence it may be increased in hemolysis.