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My son is 13 months old not eating food since 9days only beastfeed wht i do pls help

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Member since 13 September 2018 15 September 2018 at 22:33

I was using The Moms Co nourishing feeds tea which helped me in increasing my breast milk within 2-3 days and I loved it. It was caffeine free and was natural made of herbs and flowers. I loved it. 

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Member since 19 August 2018 08 September 2018 at 18:52

Thanks, but breast milk is not enough for him then what should i do?

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Dr. Nimrat Kaur

credihealth Verified Doctor
MBBS and Masters of Public Health 08 September 2018 at 12:37

breast feeding is okay. is he taking breast milk well? are his motions well formed? if the child is active and having good sleep, no need to worry.


08 Sep 2018 , 06:54 pm

Thanks mam but breast milk is not enough for him then what should i do ? I am worry about his insuffient nutrition diet