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As a teenager, what should I do about my frenulum plasty?

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Budding data scientist | Love data 05 February 2018 at 10:07

In an uncircumcised man, there may be a problem with his foreskin such that it is tightly attached to the under the surface of the glands of the penis causing difficulty in movement of the skin and pain during erections. A foreskin which restricts movement is called frenulum breve. This can be treated by frenulum plasty. After a few weeks and the incision healed, the patient will report reduced or no pain with erections and comfortable sexual intercourse, also a noticeable increase in the motion of the penile skin. After the procedure, there will be discomfort, but little pain. Anaesthetics will reduce discomfort, but cause drowsiness hence driving should be avoided for a day after the surgery. You can return home within two hours of the procedure. There are few stitches involved in the procedure which usually dissolve within a week of the procedure. The wound can be washed with soap and water after the day of the surgery. Soreness may be felt for one or two weeks, but after two weeks a normalcy can be expected, any sexual activity is usually possible within two to three weeks. Complications are rare, with usually nothing more serious than a slight bleeding in the incision.