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My wife is having problem of a white dicsharge of liquid frequently and she felt very kow and unenergetic ! Always complains of pain in the lower leg area and ankle!She always felt very tired! I want a permanent solution for her problem?

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Dr. Nimrat Kaur

credihealth Verified Doctor
MBBS and Masters of Public Health 29 August 2018 at 10:44

White discharge in case of women points towards vaginal infection. Is there any itching/episode of high grade fever involved? Did she have a urinary tract infection in the recent past? Also, any history of renal stones? She must get her urine examined for routine tests and then visit an OBGYN for a PAP smear, to diagnose the cause for white discharge. Meanwhile, ask her to keep her groin region clean and hygienic and don’t involve in any sexual activity till the discharge stops.