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10 Health Issues Most Men Ignore

Men are focused on being healthy only to the extent that their bodies appear fit and they have a toned physique. Most men, however, fail to notice alarming health issues and even if they do, they tend to ignore them.

Several researches conducted prove that men visit a doctor only when their problems become severe.

Given below are 10 important health issues that men need to look out for.

#1. Chest Pain

Chest pain is not only associated with a heart attack, but it is a common denominator for many other health conditions. A heart problem like angina, lung problems like asthma, pneumonia and gastrointestinal disorders like stomach ulcers, acidity may all cause chest pain. Though some of these problems sound trivial, they do need medical attention.

#2. Blood in the Urine

If you spot blood in your urine, it is a serious cause of concern. Prostate cancer, bladder stones, infection of the bladder, the urethra may all cause bloody urine. It is advisable to report this condition to a doctor and seek medical guidance as soon as possible.

#3. Sudden Weight Loss

Not trying to lose weight and still losing weight? This should not be a welcomed condition. Unexplained weight loss might occur due to diseases like diabetes, thyroid, liver disease, depression, cancer among other disorders.

#4. Errr….Erectile Dysfunction

Don’t avoid going to the doctor’s for this one thinking its “a phase” that will pass. Conditions like diabetes, kidney disease, neurological disease, atherosclerosis, chronic alcoholism, vascular disease may all be the cause of this nightmare symptom. If you’re experiencing this symptom and not addressing it, not only will your sex life be affected – if ignored, it can prove harmful for your overall health in the long run.

#5. Unexplained Fatigue

Don’t ignore constant fatigue and blame it on stress or lack of sleep. Serious illnesses like diabetes, arthritis, cancer and congestive heart failure have all been known to take a toll on your body.

#6. Thirsty all the time?

It may not necessarily be a good sign that you tend to drink a lot of water. The reason behind this excessive thirst may also be diabetes, failure of the heart, liver or kidneys.

#7. Memory Loss

Forgetting where you kept your car keys is not as serious a condition, but dramatic memory loss is surely a cause for concern.

#8. Hair loss

Losing hair with age is generally normal but if you are rapidly losing hair, it may be due to ringworm, thyroid or infectious diseases like lupus and syphilis.

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#9. Breathing Problems

Shortness of breath due to exertion is normal but when you have trouble breathing after normal physical activity, it may be due to asthma, chronic bronchitis, lung cancer or pulmonary disease.

#10. Reduced Appetite

Don’t feel like eating? Lost your appetite? Don’t ignore this symptom. It is advisable to report this condition to a doctor.

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