Your baby, and hence your belly, will grow very rapidly in the 16th week of pregnancy. This is the week of celebration as you are about to shine with the pregnancy glow.

What Happens in the 16th Week of Pregnancy?

At 16 weeks pregnant, you can expect significantly swift growth in your baby. Your babymoon period is still ongoing. But this week also encounters diverse changes.


First off, congratulations on graduating to 16 weeks pregnant. You are prized with the surreal pregnancy glow. Your hormones in the gestation period are not all that bad. Agreed that they cause bothersome symptoms sometimes but in the 16th week of pregnancy, they will shower you with a tinge of extraordinary glow.

The pregnancy glow is an outcome of an increased flow of the blood. The oil production in your skin glands will also be heightened and contribute to the said shine. However, excess oil production can also cause acne in some women.

Your 16 weeks pregnant baby bump will expand enormously as you continue to gain weight. All of this added weight will make your baby bump more intense. So start showing it off! You can enjoy your babymoon even more as at 16 weeks pregnant, your sex drive is likely to increase.

You may also be able to feel the movements your little baby makes in the belly. However, there are some health issues that will bother you in the 16th week of pregnancy. Say nasal congestion, cramping and pain in legs, and difficulty breathing, for example.


At 16 weeks pregnant baby’s size is that of an Avacado. Still small? Well, there have been mighty growth though so hold on. Your baby’s facial expressions have begun taking form. So say something nice and heartwarming and your sweet Avacado may be smiling at you.

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On top of that, the fetus has now developed hearing abilities. Though muffled, it can still hear your voice. So you can sing lullabies already and the baby would somehow recognize them after birth.

The nervous system will constantly develop. The baby’s circulatory system, however, is up and running. Your little one can now make a fist and hold the umbilical cord. At 16 weeks pregnant baby bump will be at a growth spurt. It will double in size in the coming months.

In the 16th week of pregnancy, your little one can flex its muscles. The thumb sucking habit has also already begun and apparently, your tiny one is sitting tall. The lines of the baby’s scalp pattern are also developing. Moreover, the baby’s philtrum, which is the curve below the nose and above the upper lip is molding in shape. Your avocado can also perceive light as its eyes take their final place, though they are completely shut as of now.

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Symptoms in the 16th Week of Pregnancy

Some of the common symptoms that women experience at 16 weeks pregnant as are follows:

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Advice for the 16th Week of Pregnancy

Since your baby is on a growth spurt, you may need to provide additional attention and care. Given below are some pointers to heed at 16 weeks pregnant:

  • Don’t lie, sleep or exercise on your back
  • Visit your gynecologist for tests and scans
  • Continue taking your prenatal vitamins
  • Eat fruits and vegetables
  • Increase your intake of folic acid
  • Use a humidifier to prevent or treat nasal congestion
  • Choose good calories

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