Have you stepped into the 22nd Week of Pregnancy? Yes? Wonderful! The baby will start to weight more than the placenta. You will experience different body changes in the 22nd week of pregnancy. You can relax now, you are just a few weeks away from the third trimester. Here are some changes which are going to take place in the body of the mother and baby in this week.

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22nd week of pregnancy, body changes in the 22nd week of pregnancy
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In the 22nd week of pregnancy, your baby will be the size of small papaya.

Every expecting mother is curious to know what is going on in the womb. If you are also one of them, then you will love to know that your baby will be over 10 inches (25 cm) long and weigh a whole 14 ounces (.4 kg).

In the 22nd week of pregnancy, the baby will start looking more like a smaller version of a newborn baby. Baby’s skin will look wrinkly because he/she has not yet gained enough weight to fill the skin out. His eyes have completely formed, but the iris still lacks pigment. His lungs and pancreas are continuing to mature.

Even though the baby can’t breathe in the womb, they start practising breathing movements for life outside. The baby gets the oxygen from the mother’s blood via the placenta. The mom will feel the movement of the baby inside her womb.

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The expecting mother will experience many body changes in the 22nd week of pregnancy. This week your uterus has increased by nearly half of an inch above your belly button. Similar to the 21st week of pregnancy, the stretch marks will be more clearly visible during the 22nd week of pregnancy.

Many pregnant women use different products to avoid stretchmarks. In some cases, these creams are unlikely to have any effect, because they can’t penetrate deep enough to where the damage is. However, you may gently massage the effective area with nice oils or creams if you find it relaxing.

Other body changes in the 22nd week of pregnancy include swollen feet and hands. Do you find your rings and shoes getting a bit tight? Yes? This could be because of the increasing amount of oedema in your body.

This is quite normal during pregnancy. But do consult with your doctor if you face the following symptoms during pregnancy:

  • Severe pain under your ribs
  • Severe headache or problems with your vision
  • Swelling on your face as well as your hands and feet
  • Sudden severe swelling
  • Vomiting

What not to Avoid During the 22nd Week of Pregnancy?

A healthy diet plan and drinking plenty of water is a must during the whole pregnancy journey. Apart from that, you should start some physical exercises. Make sure you do pelvic floor muscles workouts regularly. This will help in toning up your pelvic floor muscles and will help at the time of delivery. Also, this workout will reduce recovery time.

Make sure you have a healthy routine during the pregnancy as it will affect your infant’s development.

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Never avoid your medication. Do consult with your gynecologist in case of any emergency or unexpected changes in your body.

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